Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Latest Pizza Obsession In Town - INSTA PIZZA!

Latest Pizza Obsession In Town - INSTA PIZZA! 

Pizza cravings are for real! Like, they do exist for real! You want proof? Ask a person like me who wants to loose weight and is trying to diet; but one email from a company who would like their pizzas reviewed by us and the diet is over! Gone, and gone for good! So in my due course of reviewing a relatively new pizza place in town, I got the opportunity to try one of their deep dish pizzas and now I will be sharing my thoughts on the same!

So before we dig into details, I would like to mention that they are a start up which makes customised pizzas and sides which they started as a home delivery and take away thing, but on a recent visit to gurgaon sector 50 Bani Square, I saw their dine-in pizzeria as well! So they havetheir reach now in gurgaon (dine in and takeaway), south delhi, i.e. Vasant Vihar (dine in and take away) as well as in west delhi (take away from their mayapuri kitchen and outlet).

So for the tasting I received  an 8" Pork based non veg deep dish pizza along with jalapeno stuffed Veg Garlic twists. Firstly, the pizza looked huge to me! Talking of the toppings, the deep dish pizza was stuffed (like literally smothered) with oodles of bacon bits, pork churizo, fresh garlic and onions and topped with flavoursome pork pepperoni! My dad and me are hardcore pork lovers so we loved the pizza! But had I not been a pork person I would have surely abhorred it (just like my sister did)! Like this pizza is a delicacy but only if you have a pre built taste for pork delicacies! Other wise you would straight away rule it as the worst (tasting and smelling) pizza ever. But I loved it!

The crust was not too crusty! I know this is the most vague line ever written, but the crust was not very crisp but had a medium soft crust and that is personally how i like my pizzas! It was not flooded with cheese which was okay as the toppings were humongous and covered up for the lack of cheese! And it is not as if the cheese content was really less, but if you are expecting cheese burst kind of pizza then you'll be in for disappointment. But even with a moderate amount of cheese, the pizza did not taste bland or even average! I would call it the best pizza i have ever had! Full of meat, crisp on the out, gooey from the centre, fresh ingredients, smelled of fresh pork, just the right amount of cheese to balance out the meaty flavours and it comes with a customised packaging with the clients name on it! How cool is that!

The only downsider I felt was that the pizza did turn a bit soggy from the lower edges by the time it was delivered to me! I mean i understand that maybe the pizza turned soggy during the deliverance period and was very fresh and crisp when packaged, but that is exactly my concern as their main business started off as a take away pizzeria and how is one supposed to enjoy their pizza and its crisp crust if it will turn soggy on the way! I just wish insta pizza works a bit upon its base, becuase other than that the pizza is defintiely a thumbs up from us!

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