Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Banjara's Skin +Ve Body Lotion Review

Hey beauties, summer has spread its fire-wings on all of us. This is the time we require high protection from sun rays and prevent tanning. Today I will  be talking about Banjara's Skin +Ve Body Lotion.

About Banjara's Skin +Ve Body Lotion:
Banjaraa€™s Skin +ve Body Lotion makes your skin healthy, youthful and flawless from within.Enriched with Pomegranate, Honey and Butters. Pomegranate protects the skin from aging and accelerates the skin repair process.

Price: Rs.140 for 200 ml

Packaging: Banjara's Skin +Ve Body Lotion comes in a very shiny outer packaging. The bottle inside is white in colour with fuschia cap.

My experience: Banjara's Skin +Ve Body Lotion is a lightweight skin care product which has the goodness of pomegranate, honey and butters. It is a good summer time body care lotion for its light weight. It hydrates the skin, without being greasy and makes the skin glowing and soft. The smell is light and fresh.

As said, Banjara's Skin +Ve Body Lotion is very light so it may not be suitable for very dry skin. I like the fresh feel it gives though and the radiant glow. My skin is dry so I need to reapply this lotion sometimes. Overall it is a good lotion for the price

 I would rate the Banjara's Skin +Ve Body Lotion a good 4/5 due to the fresh and radiant glow it provides which is apt for the season.

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