Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Hi guys, what’s up? Let me tell you all a weird fact about me. You know other than being a makeup junkie and collecting makeup I love collecting flavored hand-sanitizers. Bloomsberry added five more to my weird collection. Today I’m going to tell you a bit about these tiny little babies known as BLOOMSBERRY TINY-SANI ANTI BACTERIAL HAND GEL.

P+rice: 149/- for 29ml.

Packaging: The tiny-sanis comes in a cute little plastic container with a flip open cap and white labels on each side.

Product: The product is a different colored thick liquid usually like other sanitizers and has small beads in it. Each flavor has its own particular fragrance though very similar to each other.

The variants that I got are:

1. Aqua Bliss: A light-blue colored liquid with blue beads.

2. Fresh blooms: A light-red colored liquid with blue and white beads.

3. Blossom bouquet: A light-pink colored liquid with cobalt blue beads.

4. Spring Fizz: A light purple-colored liquid with red, blue and white beads.

5. Green Apple Mojito: A light-green colored liquid red, blue and white beads.

The first four variants have quite similar fragrance whereas the last one which is Green Apple Mojito is a bit different and my favorite among all five.

The sanitizers are non-sticky and they dry within a second or two after applying. They make the hands soft and give a fresh feeling to them. The tiny little containers make it easy to carry as they can easily fit in your pockets and in your purse just taking a corner’s place. The fragrance can definitely improve a lot and differ from each other. Overall, I think these sanitizers are worth trying.

By Airene

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