Monday, May 30, 2016

How I #LiveUnplugged with Asus Zenfone Max

My schedule like any blogger consists of a big chunk of the day in taking pictures. And now after being a mom, taking selfies with my baby has become a daily routine. To be honest the little one also enjoys seeing her pictures and videos. Carrying around a heavy DSLR camera equipped with the best features, is really impossible. So, as usual a mobile phone with a high resolution camera comes to my rescue. Nowadays, since I cannot access my laptop all the time, like before. Most of my communication and surfing for my blogging takes place through my phone. So obviously I need a piece that has the most powerful battery, who will keep on charging again and again. And my Knight in Shining Armor for these blogger woes is the new Asus Zenfone Max.

On mid-May Asus gifted a handful of bloggers a mystery bx with a secret product, about to be unveiled on the 23rd May. On the D-Day, once we opened the box, we could find a sleek and stylish piece of Asus Zenfone Max, which was unveiled in India on that very day.

Features of the Asus Zenfone Max:

  • Available in 3 colours- Blue, Orange & Black.
  • Expandable storage capacity of 32 GB
  • With 2GB-3GB RAM processor
  • Priced at Rs.9999/- for 2GB RAM & Rs.12999 for 3 GB RAM
  • OTG Cable 
  • 5000 mAH Battery
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 615  Octa-Core processor
  • 13MP Back camera + 5 MP front camera
  • Multiple Image options
  • In-built multifunctional features

What is so special about Asus Zenfone Max:
The Battery-of course!! I had charged it on 23rd May and started using it extensively since. Taking pictures, making numerous calls, browsing the net, downloading a load of Apps- you name it and I did it all on the phone. It lasted through this ordeal till 26th morning, without any recharges. Now this shows how powerful the battery is!!

How I #LiveUnplugged now:
Currently I am staying with my parents as my husband is travelling in US for the next 2 months. So, capturing my little one's daily activities and sending that across to her dad is an important part of my daily routine. Capturing every bit of her growing hours, her developing speech, her dancing and so many things is an important work now. Making videos of how she plays with water and how she bites on to my makeup palettes is the most exciting moment as a mom.

Again, communicating with my husband over Skype and Whatsapp everyday is a regular activity. Not only that, I catch up with my friends in Mumbai over calls, Whatsapp, Viber and Skype. Scrolling and commenting on Facebook, tweeting and Instagramming again are essential things that I do with the Asus Zenfone Max.

The most important thing that I do with the Asus Zenfone Max with it is working for the blog. I have always trusted my laptop to save and publish my blog articles. However, now I do it without any hassles from the phone. Uploading pictures directly on the posts has become easier. The camera features are so easy to work with that I do not even have to adjust the brightness of the images captured, be it the product pictures from the back camera or the selfies from the front camera.

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