Monday, May 30, 2016

Miss Claire Eyeshadow 0338 Review and Swatches!

Hello Lovelies! As promised, I am going to bombard you people with reviews from the products which I have been hauling as of late—just to compensate for MIA since long! So my latest obsession has been collecting eyeshadows, courtesy Jhimil mam, who keeps on showering her love in form of eye shadows on me!

So today is all about this little tub of satiny goodness from the house of MISS CLAIRE! So as we all know Miss Claire does some superb drugstore makeup—from their eyeshadow kits to their soft matte lip creams—people have been raving about them all. So recently we came across this tiny little tub—we call it a hidden gem at a local beauty supply store—and the shade, the finish, the packaging and the price, all screamed to us and we got it to test it for you guys. And boy, were we surprised?

Price and Quantity: 95 INR for 2 grams (yep, you read that right babbyy)

Packaging: This baby comes in a cute little tub with a screw top transparent lid and a plastic black casing with all the details on the bottom of the tub. The tub is really tiny and the lid sturdy—it does not open up on its own and is really reliable!

Texture: For 95 bucks, honestly, I wasn’t expecting it to do much for me! In fact I had made up my mind that even if it was chalky or powdery I’ll make peace with it as it is at last a very cheap product. But this baby is buttery-smooth and does not feel chalky, cheap or powdery at all! It swatches well and blends like a dream.

Shade: The shade 0338 is such a pretty shimmery shade with a satin finish that it got eally difficult for me to describe the shade, but what needs to be done, needs to be done anyhow! So the shade is somewhere between a warm coppery-brown and a soft mauve-ey plum kind of a shade. Like it is a very warm toned brownish plum shade with oodles of finely milled shimmer which do not make you look like a glitter ball, rather adds up sheen to your eyes.

Pigmentation and Lasting Power:
The pigmentation on these is crazy good and they last long. Atop a creamy concealer they show up way better than what they do without a creamy-base, but the pigmentation is bomb nonetheless. And as far as lasting is concerned, they last a decent 5-6 hours before they start fading away into oblivion; and no, they do not crease! This is a win win for me!

Rating 4.7/5

Go get these babies girl, and at 95 bucks I’ll say get a handful of these!

By Ishleen

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