Monday, May 2, 2016

The Perfect Manciure-Pedicure Routine with Aroma Essentials

Summers have dug in and so has snuck in the season of open and breezy sandals.  And no, open sandals do not look good on dry, chapped feet. And this is where our pedicures come to play! But just like a cupcake is incomplete without its delectable frosting, so is a pedicure incomplete without a complimentary manicure. And do not let the mani-pedi routine terrify you as you do not needs oodles of money to do the needful. Just some spare time on hand and a few nice products like the ones from the house of Aroma Essentials.

Aroma Essentials foot scrub is a delight for the tired feet. Works like a dream, is scrubby but not abrasive and clears out the feet of any dead skin and dry patches. Though it does not smell that great but is a perfect accompaniment for your at home pedicure routine.

And yes, if there is one thing which is the most ignored of the lot (while we indulge in relaxing mani-pedi's) it is the cuticles! like, taking care of our cuticles is perhaps the most under stated thing ever when in reality cuticles need the msopt attention as they frame the entire nsil bed and having shabby unkempt cuticles neither is healthy nor look goods. But all your cuticle woes can be taken care of suing jsut one product--The Aroma Essentials cuticle cream which moisturisers and also locks in the moisture of the cuticles keeping them healthy and gorgeous!

Have you tried Aroma Essentials yet?

- By Ishleen Kaur

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