Tuesday, May 3, 2016

VLCC Matte Look Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 PA+++ Review!

VLCC Matte Look Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 PA+++ Review!

-By Ishleen Kaur

Hello there my angels!
Summers, summers, summers! God, is there anything I hate more in this world than the scorching heat which has all the potency to just burn the shit out of my skin--yes, yes, you may call it just a skin burn but I abhor it and my sensitive skin just cannot take it. So come summers, and all my make-up and skin care stuff is at one place and my sunscreens stand at the top most pedestal. Not that I do not recommend not using sunscreen in winters, but come summers and I just cannot live without sunscreens.

And if there is one thing which i hate more that the scorching heat, it is my skin which gets all sweaty and nasty after applying almost about any sunscreen. And that is why I am almost always on the look out for a good sunscreen which not only does protect my skin but also avoids the skin from getting sweaty and patchy, and with this little baby my search has almost ended.
The VLCC Matte Look Sunscreen comes in a regular white and orange squeezy tube like packaging which retails for Rs 295 for 100 grams of product and is quite sturdy and won't ditch you in your bag! And if you do not want to buy the full size product, the sunscreen also comes in a 60 grams pack which retails for just 195 bucks!

Coming to the ingredients of the sunscreen, only the active ingredients are known and those are Almond Oil, White Sandalwood extracts, Jojoba Oil, Turmeric extract, Pineapple extracts, Aloe Vera extract, Zinc Oxide, Cucumber Extract, Carrot seed oil, Germinated Wheat Oil, Lotion base QS.
Now if we talk of the actual product, it is a little cream tinged sunscreen which is thick in consistency and is not at all runny or lotion like!

In my experience I need to warm up the product a bit by rubbing it in between my fingers before applying it in a dotting technique and spreading it all over. Even after application it needs to be blended in a couple of times in order to get it completely absorbed in the skin . It may feel a bit sticky and tacky in the initial 2 minutes but once it gets absorbed you cannot feel anything on the skin!
As for the matte effect claims, they are a  big downsider but as far as sweat control is concerned, i can say that it definitely does not instigate sweat production, if not completely control it!
And yes lastly, I strongly believe that SPF 30 is too less for the tropical weather in India but it has PA+++ which makes it a broad spectrum sun protection lotion which is great! 

Rating; 4/5

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