Saturday, June 4, 2016

4 Ways of Teaching Children to #ShareTheLoad

Distributing each and every responsibility is a must in every family. And this very idea of sharing should be sowed deep within since the family members are of tender age. We should teach the children to restrain themselves from stereotyping jobs and work. Every house should give equal work to each child from the beginning. That is how they will realize the importance of gender equality. So, it is a must to teach them how to #ShareTheLoad.

Often we take the hard path to make a child realize certain things, like disciplining, studies or doing household work. However, this is not the right way and often it may prove to give an opposite result. A child may become more adamant and aggressive, this making things difficult for the parent. Here are some ways which we can adopt to make the children realize how important it is to #ShareTheLoad:

1. Through games:
Often playing games like baseball, cricket etc. we as parents take the boy child and make the girl child play with her dolls and kitchen sets. This makes a strong demarcation in the child’s mind and h starts to consider that playing outdoor gams is a man’s job. A muddy game of football between the siblings will never hurt anyone and make the children aware of the idea that girls and boys are the same.

2. Through Teaching to Respect Women:
It is important how we make them learn from the beginning to respect women. We should refrain ourselves from phrases like, ‘Do not cry like a girl’ or, ‘You argue too much like a girl’. This gives a false notion that a girl is the one who only cries, nags and irritates.

3. Through Making them Share Responsibilities: It is perhaps the most important thing to follow. Often only words cannot make an impact and so we have to actually make the children do certain things, like cleaning their room, doing the laundry, feeding the pet, watering the plants and so on. It is a very common thing that we give these responsibilities to a girl, but not the boy of the house. That is completely wrong.

4. Through Doing your Own Bit:
Finally, it is equally important to make them realize that these are not saying, but are ways of running a good home. So, the male members of the family should themselves #ShareTheLoad with their female counterparts to make an example.

I am taking part in the #ShareTheLoad Challenge with Ariel and Aksharaat BlogAdda

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