Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Avenir Lavender Essential Oil Review

Aromatherapy is a widely practiced form of naturally treating disorders through various smells. Lavender oil is widely used across the world as an aromatherapy essential oil. Today I will be sharing my views on the Avenir Lavender Essential Oil.

About Avenir Lavender Essential Oil:
Lavender oil not only has a wonderful aroma, but it also has bountiful health and healing properties. It’s a restorative and exhilarating oil with many uses

Price: $8.95 for 10 ml

Packaging: Avenir Lavender Essential Oil comes in a small brown glass bottle with a black cap and a plastic inner dispenser.

My experience: Personally I like the fragrance of Lavender oil, specially when used at night. Avenir Lavender Essential Oil has a very soothing fragrance, neither too light, nor too strong, It gives a pleasant feel when I use it in my bath. My day goes really fresh after using this oil. There is no sweating, and body odor at all. Even during this heat,  hardly suffer from these issues. Again at night I make it a point to take a few drops and apply on my pulse point for a sound and peaceful sleep.

Avenir Lavender Essential Oil  is known to heal sunburn and ease muscle pain. There are other health benefits of lavender oil which you can read here. However, I suffer from the above mentioned ones and rightly the oil relaxes tired muscles and improves the skin by healing sunburn and redness. A bottle of lavender oil always comes handy in multiple things, even as a diffusing agent at home.

1.Cures acne
2.Cures eczema, itchiness and other skin concerns
3.Cures sun burn
4.Refreshes the senses
5.Eases muscle pain, body ache etc
6.Multiple benefits
7.Very soothing smell



Avenir Lavender Essential Oil is one of the best essential oils I have experienced. I would highly recommend it to all for its multiple benefits and usage.

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