Friday, June 17, 2016


Hello everyone, what’s up? Now besides being a makeup junkie and a fully passionate beauty blogger I’ve a keen interest in decorating my room according to my taste and will love to give my room a pretty little makeover. Recently, I came across this website and which sales a variety of stuff for your home. You can buy curtains online, decorative cushion covers
decorative cushions, decorative shelves, etc. Let’s talk about Deco Window first.

About Deco Window: Deco Window is a domestic endeavor of Jayanita Exports. They are in collaboration with 11 retail chains and more than 600 stores spread all over the country. They provide a wide variety of stuffs and with every design for every window. The range includes classic to modern profile. They have everything you need for your windows, be it curtain rods or curtains. Deco window can be divided into five categories for an ease:

Curtains: The curtains from Deco Window are absolutely mesmerizing. It can turn your home into a palace or a dollhouse anytime. If you are not too sure of the quality and the color you can buy the fabric swatch for a very nominal amount and then if you like it you can buy it and if you don’t like don’t buy it.

Window Hardware: This category sells a variety of rods like curtain rods, motorized rods and accessories like holdbacks, curtain rings, wall brackets, etc and wooden rods as well.

Blinds: Deco window is very popular with its blinds as well. They have a wide range of roman blinds with an affordable installation service and discounts.

Tiebacks: The deco window tiebacks are so wonderful and so classy that it would glam up your room and give that extra oomph anytime.

Trimmings: Deco window is one of the largest producers of trimmings and with so many different options that no one could ever think of that too at an amazing price range.

Now, let’s talk about Deco Home.

About Deco Home: Decorate your dream home and garden with Deco Home. You can literally find everything you need for your home. You can buy decorative pillows, decorative door curtains, garden torches, etc. Deco Home can be categorized into five categories as well.

Door seals: Deco home door seals are one of the greatest door seals ever. They protect the door from every kind of weather and the multi functional bottom seal will protect the door fire, heat loss, sound leakage and smoke. It will also prevent the entry of foreign particles.

Garden Torches: Who doesn’t want a home with attractive outdoors and gardens as well? Well, that’s when Deco Home garden torches come to rescue. They come in two variants and can be lit with citronella torch fuel which is non-combustible and available at the Deco Home website. This will make your outdoors and gardens even more elegant.

Runners: Deco Home runners are so beautiful. They will give your dining table a pretty makeover.

Wall Shelving: Deco Home wall shelves are what I’m drooling over right now. These pretty little pieces can give your room a sophisticated look as well as you can keep stuffs in them.

 Bedding: Now, after all that hard-work who doesn’t wants to rest on a bed that’s cozy and comfortable and will give you sweet dreams. Deco Home bedding are exactly what it is meant for. These are available in a variety of designs.

Deco Window and Deco Home have everything you need for your home and it will bring out the interior designer in you. Have you ever thought of buying decorative pillows, decorative wall shelves, decorative door curtain online? But, with Deco Window and Deco Home you can do it. So, go and grab all your favorite items before they are gone.

By Airene

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