Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Exuviance Depuffing Eye Serum Review

I am sure a lot of you would identify with puffy eyes. Lack of sleep, excessive stress and a hectic schedule can create havoc for the eyes. For these we require special care for the under eye area and there are various products, designed specifically to combat the problem. Exuviance Depuffing Eye Serum is one such product.

About Exuviance Depuffing Eye Serum:
Exuviance DePuffing Eye Serum helps decongest, de-puff and tone the eye area for a rested, youthful appearance with visible results in just 4 weeks.

Price: $72 for .02 fl oz available at

Packaging: Exuviance Depuffing Eye Serum comes in a one of a kind pretty blue packaging with triple roller applicator. There is a light blue outer cardboard packaging with ingredients list and other usage instructions.

The serum: The serum is colourless and has a medicinal smell to it.

: The serum can be applied twice a day, morning and evening along with regular ski care regimen. If used under an eye cream, it enhances the work of the eye cream. It can also be used under eye makeup to create a protective under-layer.

My experience: I have issues of very fine lines and delicate under eye sin. Puffiness is actually not a major concern for me. The Exuviance Depuffing Eye Serum does not only fight against puffiness but also makes the appearance of fine lines much smoother and the delicate under eye area much brighter. Patent ingredients like Eyeliss and Actiflow enhances microcirculation to strengthen the under eye fragile skin, that actually is the cause of the swollen appearance of eyes. I feel the tightening of the sagginess around the eyes very well. The triple micro-roller applicator has dual working ability, one of dispensing the required amount of serum on the area and the second to massage the area gently so the product is spread and made to absorb perfectly into the skin for maximum output.

Exuviance Depuffing Eye Serum is enriched with NeoGlucosamine that helps to control droopiness of the upper eye lid and also to make the under eye area firmer and much toned. The presence of soothing agents like cucumber, chamomile and green tea refreshes the eye area, by reducing the tired appearance, while caffeine, known as an effective eye care agent, stimulates the skin. The skin around the eyes looks much fresher, brighter and youthful. Often puffiness around the eyes can make people look much older. However, Exuviance Depuffing Eye Serum manages to give the eye area a nice makeover, immediately managing to make one look much younger.


1. Presence of natural ingredients

2. Soothes and cools the eye area

3. Easily usable roller applicator

4. Nice packaging

5. Usage and other instructions provided

6. Controls puffiness to a great extent

7. Reduces the appearance of fine lines

8. Makes the under eye skin firmer

9. Makes tired eyes look brighter

10. The eyes look much youthful

1. Slightly steep price


Exuviance Depuffing Eye Serum is a great product for the eyes, and does a good job of making the eyes look much younger and brighter. I highly recommend the product to those who want to invest on a single product that addresses major concerns like sagging skin, droopiness and tired eyes. A little amount is required to address the major concern areas. Exuviance Depuffing Eye Serum has given me quick results within 2 weeks of usage. Their claim of making the appearance of the eyes improved within 4 weeks is actually quite true. I am quite happy with the result I have got by using it and would like to continue using it.

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