Monday, June 6, 2016


Hi Divas, I am a big fan of Faces Canada and when I got the Faces Hi Shine Nail Enamel, I was really happy. The nail enamel promises you to make your nails beautiful and colourful with a single coat and a truly high professional finishing. Today I will be reviewing this product.

About faces hi shine nail enamel rosy brown 02:
A single coat is enough to have a super-rich colour burst on your nails. This comes with a professional range, promises to last long and no chip finishing. This is developed by a revolutionary high gloss formula.

Price: 229 Available here

Packaging:Faces Hi Shine nail enamel comes in a square shaped bottle with a transparent glass body and a plastic black coloured cap.

The shades: Faces Hi Shine nail enamels are available in a range of vibrant shades, precisely 71. I have the shade Rosy Brown 02 that I am reviewing it and is free of any sparkle and glitter. They have natural shine and true basic colour.

My experience:The Faces Hi Shine nail enamel in Rosy Brown is a sober nude. It almost blends into my natural skin tone. It is pretty fast-drying and one coat is enough. Some nail enamels take much time to get dry and more coats are required to get the desired opacity with the perfect colour. It has a thin texture that dries so fast and the shade is for every age and every occasion. Overall it is awesome and definitely one of the best for the price.

Long lasting

Does not smell odd

Very sober colour

Thin texture

Dries fast

Excellent colour pay off

Vibrant shades

Suitable for every skin tone

Goes with any dress


The shine fades after some days

Bubbles may form after application

Faces Hi Shine nail enamel Rosy Brown 02 is a great colour to give you a chic look. I strongly recommend this product to enrich your nails with a super colour burst.

By Ritwika

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