Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Keya Almond & Honey Soap Review

Hi divas! Hope you guys are doing well. Summer is in and the only thing I love in summer is taking a long shower with cool water and a gorgeously fresh scented soap. So today I have for you an amazing scented soap, Keya Almond & Honey Soap which has honey and almond in it. It releases fresh scent to melt away with each use.

My experience: This transparent yellow of a soap retails for Rs.80/- for 100 Gms. It comes with a transparent plastic covering which makes the outlook of the round soap rustic with classiness.

It smells very refreshing and exotic. It is free of SLS, chemicals and any unnatural thing. It is 100% natural without any artificial fragrances .It makes the skin smooth without any harm on skin in any manner.

Honey and almond is so much beneficial for skin. This soap is so nourishing and moisturizing. It clears the skin so deeply and makes skin smoother. It does not toxify the skin in any manner. So it is a fully refreshing and a lovely natural soap for this sweating summer. I had a great shower with it with a refreshing and moisturizing my skin.

Rating : 4.5/5

By Ritwika

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