Saturday, June 4, 2016

Lets #ShareTheLoad from the Start

Sharing is a way of caring. This is what we always teach our children. They are taught to be compassionate, understanding and are guided to share each and everything with others. Often teaching alone does not help unless you make them realize and act upon that. Why can't we teach our children, not to stereotype anything on the basis of gender? Gender equality is something that we need to make our Next Gen understand from the beginning.

As they say, Charity begins at home, so thus your child's social responsibilities. We have seen incidents where household chores have been specifically given to the female members of the family. This is totally unacceptable. If there is a brother and sister, the sister is always asked to get water, make tea and do other household work, while the brother sits along, probably playing games on his mobile. Why don’t we distribute the responsibilities between both? It is high time, that our children come to know the importance of #SharingTheLoad at home. Stereotyping some particular work to women, is inappropriate, as it may gradually demean the child’s respect towards women folk.

Sharing work from the beginning is what we should teach the little ones. No one should feel superior on the basis of gender. How a small boy’s perspective is about women, will decide in future how responsible and caring he is towards the women around him, when he grows up. I have often seen families with a boy and girl, where the boy is given the best of education, clothes and other comfort while the girl is being neglected and her efforts are been unseen. This attitude raises a sense of superiority in the boy, and she starts brushing off the opposite gender from the very beginning. This is an unhealthy situation and to make the future of the society free of intolerance towards women, we need to educate both men and women to be equal, both at home and work.

Sharing responsibilities at home is a small but very significant start to this movement of making the future bright and equal for both the gender. For a prosperous and shining tomorrow, make an environment of equality at home. Distributing household chores among every sibling is a must. Not only they realize their responsibilities, but they actually tread their way to form a society devoid of any gender stereotyping and inequality. So, let us teach the next generation to #ShareTheLoad and make a brighter India.

I am taking part in the #ShareTheLoad Challenge with Ariel and Aksharaat BlogAdda.

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