Saturday, June 11, 2016

Maybelline The Magnum Barbie Mascara Review, Swatch and EOTD

Hello lovelies! The market today is flooded with all sorts of new makeup launches and there is seriously no end to what makeup you should buy. But there are a certain few products which catch the eye instantly, and our heart screams for it. One such product is the latest launch from Maybelline, their Magnum Barbie Mascara which is as chic as a mascara can get.

If I get to choose only one makeup product to glam up my peepers, I would undoubtedly go with my mascaras! And this is why I love trying almost all new mascaras in the market, and let us see if this fulfills my lust for mascaras or not.

INR 399 for 9.2 ml of product Available here

As the name suggests, this mascara is indeed a very "barbie" themed mascara which is super girly and uber chic to look at. With the classic yellow mascara packaging, this one turns heads with its super glossy hot pink screw top lid. And not just is the packaging super pretty, it is also very sturdy and spill proof.

Product Features:
New Duo Fibres
New Doll It Up Brush

Shade And Pigmentation
The Magnum barbie mascara comes only in one shade BLACK. The shade is not just any other black, it is a super pigmented, Jet Black kind of a shade which shows up on the lashes beautifully and imparts a nice black tint to the lashes, coating each lash with the deep black pigment beautifully and completely.

The magnum barbie mascara is neither too runny neither is it too thick. It is rather a creamy texture which is slightly on the thicker side making it the perfect texture for a lengthening mascara.

My Experience
Though the texture of the mascara is pretty comfortable to wear, I personally did not like the mascara much. Being a bit on the thicker side, this mascara starts clumping is layered more than twice. Though it gives my lashes a nice curl and is waterproof and smudgeproof, lie completely, it does not hold up my curl for any longer than 3 hours. And if I touch up my mascara, it starts to clump, so it is a no from my side.

Lasting Power and Ease of Removal
If we ignore the fact that the lashes start looking limp just after a couple of hours of wear, then the mascara is a really long lasting one. It does not budge, is completely waterproof and smudgeproof and does not get off with just water. You need a hard core oil based remover to get every ounce of the black residue out of the lashes.

Do I Recommend?
If you want curled up, jet black lashes and don't mind your lashes looking limp after say 4 hours of wear, you can definitely go for it. But at the price, there are way better options in the market.



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