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Hi guys, it’s time for you to get excited as much as I am because this article is going to be a special one. From the title you might have known already that this is going to be a review of the Too Faced Candy Bar pop-out Palette which comes with an I-phone 5/5s case I guess. Now, since I don’t use an I-phone let’s keep the case stuck to the palette and let’s talk about the sweet candy. Also, I created this look which will be perfect for fresher’s party if you are going to step in college like me or if you want a soft yet glamorous look for any kind of occasions. Read on to know more.

: 2500/-

The packaging of the palette is pretty simple. It comes stuck to the I-phone case from where you can pop out the palette. The I-phone case makes the palette look more attractive. It has a transparent lid from where all the shades are visible. The small size of the palette makes it travel-friendly.

Product: The palette comes with 11 eye shadows, one bronzer and one blush. Out of the 11 eye shadows there are three matte shades and the rest are shimmery. The palette has a sheer smell of sweet candies which I love. This palette is a perfect travel-friendly palette since it has all the shades suitable for day or night plus the blush and the bronzer adds to the enchanting beauty of the palette. You can drop it on your makeup bag and you are sorted.

My experience and the breakdown of the FOTD:
The shades of this palette are extremely pigmented and well-blendable. The bronzer is very soft and subtle which I liked and the blush gives a natural flush on the cheeks. However, I faced some fallout while working on the lids but later blended with some concealer. I used the second shade of the first row which is a soft brown color as a transition shade. This brown is almost matte with a tiny amount of shimmer and used the second shade from the second row all over my lid. This is a super glittery warm-toned golden shade which I loved. Then I used the first shade from the second row which is a lilac pink shade on my outer corners and blended everything nicely.

Taking the first shade from the first row I used it as my inner corner highlight and used it on the inner half of my lower lash line. Then I took the middle shade from the third row which is a dark blue shade and applied it on the outer half of my lower lash line. I smudged it a bit to make it look a little smoky. I used the bronzer for a subtle contour on my cheekbones just to give it a little bit of definition and then applied the blush on my cheeks. After that I finished the look with liner, mascara and a pinkish-nude lippie. So, this is my look which I plan to recreate on my fresher’s party and wanted to share this with you all. Do, let me know what you think about this look and also shall I do FOTDs more often? Hope, you all liked watching and reading. That’s all for now, see you until next time.

Rating: 4.9/5 “The fallouts didn’t allow to give it a 5”. Overall, I just love this pretty palette.

P: S- Please Ignore my chirped nails and open clutch ( :p ) . Focus on the makeup look only. (LOL :p )

By Airene

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