Thursday, June 9, 2016

VLCC Enchanting Eyes Green & Blue Kohl Review, Swatches and Application

Hey beautifuls, I am sure you will agree that nothing looks prettier than a pair of bright eyes. And to make our eyes look beautiful nowadays, a lot of brands are coming up with a number of kohl to define our eyes. The latest entry into the kohl market is VLCC Enchanting Eyes Kohl.

About VLCC Enchanting Eyes Kohl: 
Nothing speaks to the world more than your eyes. Whether simply lining them with a clean stroke or experimenting with dramatic winged lines, coloured kohl is a must have in a woman's makeup.

VLCC Enchanting Eyes Kohl has come up with Blue & Green colours.

Price: Rs.245

Packaging: VLCC Enchanting Eyes Kohl comes in a paper packaging at the back of which there instruction on how to apply the kohl to achieve versatile looks.

My experience: I love to play with my eyes, and always look for various shades that will accentuate my eyes. I like the packaging of the VLCC Enchanting Eyes Kohl and specially because of the application instructions at the back of the packaging. The texture of the kohl is soft and it glides smoothly on the eyes. The colour is quite rich and pigmented. I like how fine the tip is and it can line the eyes with perfect precision.

Starting from lining to using it as smoldering bright shading, I tried it all, and the creamy texture of the VLCC Enchanting Eyes Kohl gives me dramatic looks. Both the Blue and green shades are equally smooth in application and rich in colour. The blue is a little lighter version of royal blue and the the green is a very deep one.

The VLCC Enchanting Eyes Kohl in Blue & Green are a must have for you if you are someone who loves to experiment with colours. Priced reasonably these babies can provide wonderful and magical looks. I give these a cool 4.8/5 for the exotic jewel toned eye makeup it can create.

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