Sunday, July 24, 2016

And Star Trek Beyond Is All Set To Take You To A Land Beyond

Star Trek is not just a movie series, it is a passion, a hardcore, hard hitting passion at that. Fans do not just watch star trek, they get absorbed, like totally soaked in the sheer aura of star trek. And when star trek is in India, we at beauty and beyond are the first ones to kiss and tell. But for those who do not know much about the world wide running passion that star trek is, let us take you on a star trek studded spree and get you some facts about star trek that you might not have known till now.

So, with the new star trek movie coming out in India, not just is it a must watch series, but also something which is universally being shouted out as the BEST in the whole of Star Trek series.

The Taiwanese American film director, Jim Lin of fast and furious 3-6 fame is the directing hand behind the beautiful movie Star Trek Beyond. The man behind the frivolous movie has a hand with shooting immaculate fighting scenes and plays with his camera well. Not only does he have the prowess to shoot superior looking fight scenes perfectly crisp, he knows how to make those fight scenes ethereal on screen.

And it was not as if Star Trek was not a sensation before the latest Star Trek Beyond came out, but the fact that the new and enhanced version of the series is being vigorously revelled up by the new gen audiences worldwide, alike, is something to be really proud for the team behind the movie.

After JJ Abrams’ Star Trek Into The Darkness being teemed as not one of the best in the sack, Star Trek Beyond clearly screams to the Trekkers that we took your reviews seriously, and here we whipped up for you something which will woo you and make up for all the tiny flaws you might have ever had to see in all our previous series.

With the new age audience lapping up the latest star trek series so generously, needless to say the movie is getting rave reviews worldwide. Audiences abroad have been ravin about the movie so insanely that the star trek fever has slowly, but surely lapped up us in India into the #StarTrekInInda fever.

By Ishleen

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