Sunday, July 10, 2016

Don't stay behind, #CatchupOnGrowth with Horlicks growth

Hi guys, so moving away a bit from my genre today I'm coming to a serious topic. Nowadays, I see children between a certain age group specially ranging from 3-9 years that they are not what they are supposed to be. I mean either they are underweight, overweight or undergrowth. I have a cousin who is 5 years old at this moment and she is taking on a bulkier side which is not good actually. She was so underweight when she was like 2-4 years but suddenly she started getting bulky. Talking to pediatricians and also being a biology student I researched a bit on this topic. The most stated reason for this was lack of the perfect nutrition in their diet, or some sort of illness. With the growing competition and busy schedule kids eat a lot of junk food which is unhealthy for them. It may cause damage to the liver and destroy the digestive system. Also, being undergrowth can cause a number of problems in the future. 

If they don't catch up on lost growth between these tender ages they will never be able to. If not now, then never. Now, why do they need to catch up on lost growth? 
Here you go with a gazillion answers.

Underweight children can become so weak that they could not work in the future efficiently. They would not be able to focus on their studies as well. So, those parents who are scolding their children for their low grades this might be the reason. Buck up and start taking immediate care to this solution. Overweight children can develop obesity and obesity is the key to all sorts of diseases in the future. Don't stop feeding them or start feeding them low, let them eat the usual diet but take care of them as well. Now, kids with a low height especially if their height does not go with their age then its not normal, I repeat its not normal at all. Its so important to stay balanced nowadays. It will keep your kids fit and active, it will save your kids carrier.

Now, our grand-moms used to massage us with their soft beautiful hands but now with the busy schedule of the parents I understand that it is not at all possible. Kids must not be deprived of sleep. They should sleep for a minimum 6-8 hours per day. This will help your children catch up on lost growth.

Now, coming to the nutrients part. I know kids are choosy enough with their food and they will not eat something that is healthy. So, horlicks decided to come up with a solution to help kids #Catchupongrowth with their new health drink Horlicks Growth plus . It is a specialised nutrition drink that contains high quality whey-protein and adding to that it also contain nutrients that has been believed to help children catch up on their lost growth. It has been especially formulated by international pediatricians for the tender age group 3-9 years. It is also a clinically tested product that proves the visible growth in children within six months. It also helps in gaining the right amount of weight without being obese and enhances natural growth. It is also available in two yummy flavours- chocolate and vanilla. So, kids will lick the last drop out of it. Just one or two spoonful of this mixed in a glass of milk will help your child grow the natural growth. So, what are you waiting for? Go, buy it now. 

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