Tuesday, July 5, 2016

How to Look Spotless in Monsoon

How to keep your skin spotless in Monsoon
Monsoon is the biggest relief after a long and scorching summer. It’s fresh and clean, inspiring a look the perfectly complements the season...But for that we also need waterproof make up and a base that is light and comfortable to wear. We want the dewy, spotless skin, defined eyes and perfect moisturized lips. That is why the Pond’s White Beauty BB+ cream is the one must have product in your beauty bag to achieve that instantly spotless natural and radiant look.

It all starts with the base!
With humidity on the rise, it is a good idea to keep your make-up base light during the monsoons. Which is why BB creams like the Pond’s White Beauty BB+ are perfect for our everyday look. It gives us the benefits of a foundation and keeps the skin bright, and comes with dual benefits of SPF and instant coverage. The non-oily texture leaves your skin radiant and non-greasy... Once you get the right base, a touch of blush would pop out and add to the glow and colour of your face. Try some shimmer on your eyelids and some water proof eyeliner to bring a bit of dramatic element to your eyes. Match that with light pink and glossy touch to your lips and complete an easy to do and yet gorgeous look

About Pond’s white beauty ™ BB+ fairness cream
Pond’s white beauty™ BB+ fairness cream also completes the daily Pond’s face care regime with its instant natural coverage and advanced sunscreen protection, in addition to superior skin lightening and brightening benefits. With its smooth and light texture, Pond’s white beauty™ BB+ fairness cream is applied in three easy steps after Pond’s white beauty cream. For a smooth, flawless complexion, simply squeeze a small amount of Pond’s white beauty™ BB+ fairness cream onto fingertips, dot the forehead, cheeks and chin. Then, blend and spread outward towards the hairline and jawline for an even coverage. Providing multi-targeted coverage with skin lightening benefits that lasts throughout the day, Pond’s white beauty™ BB+ fairness cream is the perfect complement to the Pond’s daily face care regime. 

How to apply?
Cleanse your face with Pond's white beauty BB +cream, squeeze a small amount of Pond's BB+ cream on your fingertips.
Dot your forehead, cheeks and chin.
Blend and spread outward toward the hairline and jaw line for an even coverage.

Pond’s white beauty™ BB+ fairness cream is available at for Rs 325 for 50gm Rs.140 for 18 gm and Rs.75 for 9 gm. 

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