Friday, July 15, 2016

July GLOBOX Unboxing and Review

Hi guys, what's up? So today I will be talking about a recently launched and most raved about box in the market which is the  GLOBOX

Price: 799/- for 1 month Try here

About GLOBOX  ( what does they claim): GLOBOX is an online subscription service for expert selected beauty products. Take the hassle out of choosing between brands and beauty products. With a GLOBOX subscription, you'll receive the best skin care, hair care and makeup products that are carefully selected by our beauty experts to suit your beauty profile delivered to your door each month

When you choose the subscription plan they will provide you with a beauty profile to fill. The box is customized according to your needs mentioned in the beauty profile.

Packaging: The box comes in a moisture retentive pack and all bubble wrapped inside. The best part is that you get all full sized products.

After opening the outer packaging there comes a brown cardboard box in a bubble wrap. Its a simple cardboard box. After opening the box you will see the products wrapped in a butter paper tied with a ribbon and sealed with a sticker which says "Glo". On opening the box you get two beautiful handwritten notes by the expert and the founder. You also get two stickers which says "Glo" and a card that reads ticket to win a free box every week and grand prizes. Now, lets take a look at the products:

1) Aryanveda Pollutend Facewash with gold dust: This is priced at ₹149 for 60ml. It is a really very effective face wash . It luminizes and cleanses deeply.

2) BioBloom Honey, Lemon Juice and Olive oil Facepack: This is priced at ₹499/- for 50gm. BioBloom has always been my trusty friend when it comes to skincare and this face pack works wonders.

3)Khadi Herbal Aloe Vera, Neem and Basil Massage Gel:
This retails for ₹180/- for 100gm. This gel is supposed to prevent pimples and eliminate dark circles.

4)Matrix Bio Oil
: This hair oil is supposed to prevent hair fall and is priced at ₹210 for 100ml. I am currently using it and loving the results.

5)Oriflame Very Me Cherry my Cheeks Blush in pretty pink:
This is a very pretty purple toned pink blush priced at ₹399/-.

6) Attitude Red Flame Nail Paint: A bright red nail paint which makes flaunting the nails even more easier. This retails for about ₹210/-

So, these are all the products I got in my  GLOBOX and the box is customized according to my beauty profile. The only disappointing thing that happened was that when I was going through the invoice and comparing the products with the box the nail paint was missing. Then I emailed them quickly and they soon dispatched the nail paint. However, the nail paint came pretty late as it was struck somewhere I don't know why. This post is going a little late because of the late arrival of the nail paint. Yep, that's all. Overall I quite liked the box and will give it 4.95/5 rating. You should definitely try out this box here

By Airene

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