Sunday, July 24, 2016

Tell a Tale with #ColgateMagicalStories

My little one is just 8 months old but thanks to television and social media, she knows what rhymes and cartoons are very well. However, I wish she could speak her mind out and has come up with her own stories, but well, she is just 8 months old!! But, my youngest cousin is a 5 year old smart one, who has very neatly balanced herself positioning in a fantasy world yet quite aware and conscious about the real surroundings.

Often I am appalled by little Rumjhum's imagination and her sensing of the regular mundane happenings. The child, whenever does something new, often credits that to an imaginary parrot who she considers as her friend in good deeds. There are times when I had told her some story, which while repeating she forgot, but had come up with her own better version, all by herself. Was I as smart as a 5 year old? Definitely not!! Thankfully I am staying close by her currently and wanted to get her idea about the #ColgateMagicalStories. Now who does not know today's children does not have big chunk of time to do leisurely activities as most of the time they are burdened with their studies and other extra-curricular activities like dancing classes,yoga sessions, drawing coaching and tuition. So I thought it would be a great way of relaxing her and also to bring out the great storyteller in her.

So, she was very happy to see the packs of Colgate and started fiddling with the pictures. I helped her reframe the cut-outs and placed those according to what she asked me to do. And the end result was so very good, that I could not believe such creative thoughts can come from a little 5 year old! And what was quite surprising was the time taken by her to frame and make up the story.

So, here she goes,
‘Jack and Jill Sparrow were notorious pirates who terrorized the water world for a long time. Once they got hold of a treasure map and set out for its hunt. They took months and months to travel seven seas and at last came to the spot where they thought the treasure would be there. Hours of search under the water led them to a place which was full of dangerous sea creatures. They were scared but hopeful of finding the treasure. And at last they found a chest full of gold, but what was scary was a big bad octopus sitting on the chest and guarding it. They saw a pretty mermaid smiling at them from behind. She said that she knew who they were and how many people they have robbed and killed so far. 

She told them how wrong they were and told them how much the children of the dead men they had killed were suffering. She said she would let them take the chest of gold on one condition that they give all to those poor children and to every poor soul they know. Jack and Jill realized their mistake and agreed to that. They took the chest of gold, returned to their country and kept their promise by giving away the gold to those who needed the most. Now they are living happily farming.’

Isn’t it an incredible piece from a 5 year old kid? Well, creative imagination does not know any bounds and limits, it is proven!

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