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Catrice Longlasting Waterproof Eye Pencil in 040 Karate With Bronze Lee Review & Swatches

Hello gorgeous ladies, how is each one of you doing? So recently I came across a cute sounding eyeliner name on Beautyspin’s website, and the moment I saw it I knew I had to have it in my life. And after a few restless evenings, thinking if or if not should I buy it, I finally gave in and got this cute little baby home. And here is the detailed review for you guys.

About Catrice Longlasting Eye Pencil 
Long-lasting and waterproof! Highly pigmented, colour intense and with different effects, the Long Lasting Eye Pencil Waterproof is sure to make the eyes stand out from the crowd. Its smooth texture is particularly simple and accurate to apply. Automatic pencil with a twist mechanism for the mine; includes a sharpener at the end of the pencil.

Shade Availability

Available in 8 gorgeous shades ranging from metallic golden, bronze, greys, browns, blacks, greens, purples and blues!


The eyeliner retails for about 5 pounds, but with the humungous discount of 42% at Beautyspin the retail price drops down to a manageable 2.90 pounds which is so cool, honestly.

My experience with the Catrice Longlasting Eye Pencil 


The eyeliner comes in a twist up – retractable pen like packaging. The cap and the bottom of the pen is colour coded. The bottom has a sharpener attached which is quite innovative if you ask me, as we all have had complaints of the retractable liners getting blunt after a few uses! A very apt thing for the days when you want a sharpened tip for thin lining!


The product has very minute glitters too it which are not at all gritty or in-your-face kind of things, but they show up pretty well. The texture of the pencil is quite creamy and it glides on easily. The problem is that it is too creamy and it breaks at times when i am trying to create a thick line with it.

But the creaminess has a plus point too! It can also be used as a shadow base if smudged properly. But you need to be fast while smudging as this product sets fast, and sets for good!


I cannot say that the shade is not pigmented enough, but i cannot even say that it is crazy pigmented! All i can say is that it is good enough for typical bronze shimmery eyeliner. It shows up pretty opaque and gorgeous on the hand swatch in a couple of swipes; but the on the eyes it may not show up so well without a base, even with multiple swipes.

On the waterline, it did not show up at all except for a few specks of bronze glitters here and there—not a full blown bronze kohl!

I generally blot my eyes with a pressed powder and apply the eyeliner to it sans any shadow or primer—and it does not show up as beautifully as i would have liked it to be! Rest, it may also depend from skin tone to skin tone. Although i have fair-medium skin tone with no pigmentation on the eyes!

Lasting power

As i mentioned, i apply a layer of powder on my eyes without using my eyeliners as i have pretty oily lids. I have been wearing this product for a couple of days and noticing the time period for which it stays. Though the pigmentation disappointed me, the lasting power left me in sheer awe!

For a drugstore eyeliner, i wasn’t expecting anything this close! I wore the eyeliner at about 2 in the afternoon, went out for lunch (in delhi’s current hot-humid weather) and it did not budge! I ahve been out the entire day and now coming back to home, at 11 pm, i had to remove it using my cleansing milk! Unarguably, the liner did smear a tiny-viny bit after 4-5 hours of application—but nothing too horribly noticeable!

If it lasted on my super-oily lids for a whopping 8-9 hours, i can only guess how it will fare upon normal skins! ;)

But, but, but! Pass on the idea of wearing it in your waterline, or as highlighter for your inner corners of the eyes, as i tried both and it vanished within the first hour of application—god knows why! L

My Verdict

Loved the formula of the eyeliner, just wish that the color showed up a bit more nicely on my lids! I have a few other colors from this range; just hope they don’t show up as poorly on my lids as this one does!


· Very affordable

· Beautiful shimmery texture

· The glitters do not travel on your face

· Ultra-longlasting

· Beautifully creamy liner

· Sets within a couple of seconds


· Poor pigmentation

· Does not show up on waterline



Will I Recommend

I would recommend it if you can manage to make it work with the pigmentation it has to offer. Because for the price and long lasting power, this could be the best eyeliner available, hands down!

Have you tried the Catrice Longlasting Eye Pencil ?

By Ishleen

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