Monday, August 8, 2016


Hi peeps, what’s up? So, seems the time for the big news is here. Well, 13th August is almost here and it’s time for me to go on a shopping spree. Wondering what I am talking about? Well, you must know this by now. It’s the 11th year already. You don’t know what I’m talking about? What are you doing man? It’s time for “Mahabachat” – The Independence Day sale of Big Bazaar that takes place from 13th August to 17th August. Already in its 11th year, Mahabachat is one of the most anticipated sales in the mind of the Indian consumer. Business leaders from the biggest brands which would be a part of Mahabachat are coming out and saying “Hum Tayyaar hai”. They provide amazing discounts on some of the biggest brands like Nivea, Kelloggs, Unicharm, Milton, Prestige, Delmonte, etc.

Well, I’m thinking of giving a complete makeover to my room and my wardrobe as well. They are providing tempting offers on home d├ęcors and furnishing and up to 60% off on ladies wear and men’s wear. These are what attracted me the most. But there are loads pf other options too. No matter if you are looking for a waedeobe revamp or a home makeover, this is the right time for you to head to Big Bazaar

I’m going to visit the store every single day from the 5 sale days. Well, you may know that women and sale are like best friends forever and I believe guys will also not regret the idea of having some new products by saving some extra money, huh? What are you waiting for then, the sale to end? Trust me you are going to love it. Don’t wait. Make your shopping lists ready as all your shopping dreams is going to come true and rush to your nearest Big bazaar store from 13th to 17th August. Get ready and say “Hum tayyar hain.”

By Airene

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