Tuesday, August 2, 2016

NYX Above and Beyond Full Coverage Concealer In Fair Review and Swatches

Hello lovelies,so it has been quite some time since I got a chance to write for you guys, but now that I am back, be ready to go on a review spree once again. Alright, coming to the mains now! If you are the kind of person who not just enjoys makeup but also uses it for the immaculate sense of power it gives, then my girl, you know what a good concealer can do for you. Sallow skin, acne spots, pigmentation and dark circles? Concealers have got you covered. But are all concealers in the market really worth it? Nope, that cannot be. So when this tiny new baby launched in India, we thought what the heck, lets just give it a try.

Price: 1025 INR

Honestly, the price it sells for in India is way more than what it is sold for in say USA or Canada. It retails for $6 flat which counts upto a meager 400 bucks which would have been way more acceptable for a drugstore brand concealer. But as the Indian market would have it, we always need to pay more for the same product. Sigh.

Shade: Fair

I ordered this concealer online and by the luck of Satan I chose the shade Fair for my medium skin. Again, sigh. One look at the jar and I could see the 1000 bucks going down the drain—it was so peachy, almost salmon, something which a really fair skin toned person from the white west would enjoy as an under eye corrector or concealer but not the Indian skin tones. But again, we are beauty bloggers and it is our duty to make things work so that we can show it to you guys how to play around with makeup.

How Do I Use It?

So yes, although the shade has a lot of peachy undertones (peachy not orangey), and looks really ashy when applied and blended properly; I found a way to incorporate it in my makeup routine. And honestly, I do not reach out for this concealer as often as I would like to (it costed a thousand bucks for heavens sake), but nonetheless. So what I tend to do is apply the concealer under my eyes and above my eye bags, blend it out using my sponge and layer it up with a darker toned concealer, something which matches my skin tone perfectly.

Nyx above and beyond Concealer claims to be a full coverage concealer due to which it is bound to be on the heavier side. Precisely, the texture is more of a heavy paste which lacks emollients or lets say moisture due to which it does tend to tug at the skin if you decide to use a dry sponge to blend it out.

Pigmentation and Coverage
As I said it does claim to be a full coverage concealer but the very fact that it is not my colour makes it very difficult for me to use it as a full blown concealer. Had I got my shade I am sure I would have used it a lot as a full coverage makeup but now I tend to diffuse it out a lot using a wet sponge which sheers out the pigments and does not make it look stark. Rather it just gives a highlighted look to my otherwise flat skin.

Do I Recommend?
If you are or the fair side and want a highlighting cream product with no sheen or shimmers then you just might give this a try. But I would personally skip this concealer and look out for more options if I were to pay a 1000 bucks.

By Ishleen

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