Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sleeping Beautifully with Sofy

Menstruation, periods, or should I call it the P word? Whatever you may address it as, the beautiful truth about it remains intact--the truth that getting your period is a natural phenomenon which every female goes through each month after she hits puberty till the time she gets her menopause. And whatever anyone might say, periods make a woman complete!

Do not let anyone shame you for being on your periods, not your mom, not your grand mom, not the temple priest, not the pickle jar, not the society and definitely not the popular media! Media today advertises periods as a flowery phase in a woman's life wherein she feels fresh and oh so healthy just because their sanitary napkins absorb 10x of the blue fluid on television! But no, periods and freshness are the least complementing things! Periods get messy, bloody and painful and are surely not at all flowery! And in such a rat race of sanitary napkin advertisements, if a company like Sofy comes up with a campaign which shows periods in the light of their bloody reality. We applaud their initiative.

No, we women do not sleep in the beautifully sophisticated and aesthetical sleeping postures! Rather we sleep just how a normal human does--and if that means one leg folded, one hand over your head, ruffled hair and half open mouth, we vouch by it. And this peaceful sleep becomes all the more necessary when we are on our painful periods.

Yes, we sleep like any normal human being and Sofy accepts us in all of our female glory!

It does not expect us to be wearing white pants and sprinting in half air while we are dripping blood, instead it lets us have some lone time with ourselves and lets us be us on our periods. No, they do not make periods pain free for us, but sure do make our periods a lot more comfortable!

With sanitary napkins longer than any of the night pads available in the market, a wider hip guard and high absorbency which makes you sleep carefree till the morning, Sofy Bodyfit Overnight pads are the longest at 420 mm each. Plus, the wider hip guard makes everything beyond comfortable. So No more waking up at nights to check if you stained your clothes. Nada, not at all! Sofy has come up with not just a product we had been waiting for but also a campaign which does not shame a woman for being a woman. A campaign which makes each of the women who have ever gone through menstruation and the dreaded menstrual cramps smile and say, oh yes, thats how i really feel about it!

And it is okay to feel that way girls, it is okay to be you whether on your periods or not! It is okay to sleep as you like, it is okay to feel irritated with each PMS phase, it is okay! Trust me :)
So, say yes to #Sleepinglikehumans :)

By Ishleen

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