Thursday, September 15, 2016

Colorbar Nail Lacquer Pro Mini Collection - Pop Heart Review

Hola pretty ladies,The monsoon season has befallen in Delhi and Mumbai equally--and has been more than generous in drenching us in all its wet glory. And no amount of waterproof makeup can stand intact in front of the wet gods. So how does a makeup addict bring happiness in his/her life and fill colours in their otherwise gloomy or just so to say, moist and slow days. Ofcourse, by the power of a colourful manicure! Bright tips never seem to disappoint.

So today i am going to review a mini nail polish set from the house of Colorbar USA. So these nail paints are from the Colorbar pro mini Pop Heart range and honestly, the tiny little glass bottles with black caps are a delight to look at. The collection comes in a set of four-- a bright neon parrot green, a bright yellow, a super bright orange and a neon bright pink. So basically all the shades in the range are fun colours with a neon edge to them, and the shades are all so bright that it might get a bit difficult for some of us not so free spirited to actually wear them. But for the fun loving women, these shades are sheer bliss.

Coming to the quality of the lacquer, the formula of these babies are bomb dot com. The nail polishes are super smooth to apply and even their brush hair is of the finest quality. The consistency of these polishes is not at all thick which makes the application a breeze. The nail polish formula does not get thick or gloopy even after you've opened it once and have been using it regularly.

Ok, so now to the downside of the nail polishes--their pay off. These are perhaps the most sheer nail polish formula that I have ever came across. They are so sheer that even after 3 coats I can see my nail being visible from underneath. Undoubtedly, the three coats dry up pretty quickly and apply smoothly so it is not much of a hassle but three coats means a lot of product usage which can make this set look expensive. One application, i.e, three coats and I was 1/3rd bottle of varnish down already.

The Pink nail paint swatch is just one thick coat, while the yellow nail paint swatch is two coats and the green nail paint is three thin coats.

The Pop Heart mini nail polish set which comes in a set of 4 retails for 500 INR and is reasonable for the variety and the quality, but the amount of nail paint that gets used up while application makes the set look a bit expensive for the quantity.

-By Ishleen

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