Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Facial with Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy 6 Steps Professional Facial

Hey beautifuls, hope you all are doing good. Recently I have again started pampering myself with facials now and then. Nowadays I am following a routine of once a month at-home facial and the products I am using are from Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Professional.

About Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy  6 Steps Professional Facial :
This Facial Treatment has 6 easy steps. The sachets come in cardboard boxes, each holding 30 sachets. This kit can be used at salons for professional purposes.

Price: Each box has 30 sachets of products and costs Rs.600

The Contents:
The Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy 6 Steps consists of 6 products in individual sachets for 30 uses. The products can be used step by step as follows:

1.Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Face Cleansing Lotion: 
An amalgamation of Vitamin C and Lemon Extract that detoxifies the skin, removes dirt, sweat, excess sebum and bacteria. It also rehydrates and helps in maintaining a firm and youthful skin.

2.Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Face Scrub: A gentle scrub with the goodness of Vitamin B3, E and Guava Extract that exfoliates the skin and improves its blood circulation.

3.Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Facial Massage Cream: Relax your skin with a pampering massage full of Vitamin B3, Papaya Extract and Pomegranate extract. It exfoliates, rehydrates and removes dead skin resulting in a glowing and firmer skin.

4.Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Facial Massage Gel: Containing natural extracts of Orange & Tea Tree Oil along with Vitamin C, this Facial Massaging Gel is a perfect oil-free pick to minimize acne and associated concerns. It also helps in brightening and firming of facial skin.

5.Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Face Pack: An effective blend of Black Grapes Extract and Vitamin A, C & E that absorbs extra oil and rehydrates the skin.

6.Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Toner: An effective blend of Black Grapes Extract and Vitamin A, C & E that absorbs extra oil and rehydrates the skin.

My Experience: The usage of the products are pretty easy and self explanatory. However, instead of using 6, you can actually either use the Facial Massage Cream or the gel, depending on the skin types. I used both, one after the other as I wanted hydration. And it worked wonders for my skin. The products individually are great for use, specially the Cleansing lotion and massage gel.

All the products are infused with natural extracts of fruits and flowers and give really magical results. The complexion looks much smooth and nourished. Once a month, this facial can surely give great results to the skin.


Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy 6 Steps Professional Facial is a high recommendation from my side for professional or at-home facial routines. It is definitely going to give superb results.


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