Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Herbal India Face Pack Powder Review

I have used a lot of products from Herbal India. Most of the products are quite good although quite heavy on the pocket. However, they do what they promise to. And today I will be reviewing the Herbal India Face Pack Powder.

About Herbal India Face Pack Powder
This face pack powder helps in tan removal, pigmentation, spots and marks, black heads, white heads and can be used on pimple prone skin.

Price: Rs.1500 for 250 g

Packaging: The Herbal India Face Pack Powder comes in a foil pack.

Product: The pack is a yellow coloured powder.

My experience: I like using Turmeric as a face pack at home so when I saw turmeric as the main ingredient in Herbal India Face Pack Powder, I knew it would be great for my skin. So as per the instruction on the pack I mix the pack with rose water to make it muddy and apply on my face. After 15 minutes when I remove the pack, my skin actually glows. I have used several instant glow masks and packs, but never used anything that has all natural ingredients in it. I am very surprised to see the same instant radiance from this pack.

Herbal India Face Pack Powder can be used twice a week for better results. I have applied the pack on my feet as well, as it had got tanned badly and the result was very promising. I have seen good results in my pigmentation as well. Overall, the Herbal India Face Pack Powder is a great product to address a multiple skin issues.

1.All natural ingredients
2.Gives instant radiance
3.Removes tan
4.Control pigmentation
5.Can be used on all types of skin
6.Improves overall complexion

1.Packaging can be improved.


Herbal India Face Pack Powder is a great face care product that not only addresses existing skin related issues but also imroves the texture and tone of the skin further.

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