Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Face Cream Review

Amongst the Y Gen of Indian skin care, Herbs & More is a shining name. The more I am using their products, the more I have started to like. Today I will be talking about the Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Face Cream.

About Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Face Cream:
A day care herbal face cream with essential skin nutrients like vitamin E, licorice and cucumber extract with sun protection formula.

Price: Rs.245

Packaging: The Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Face Cream comes in a white tube with a green flip open cap.

My experience: Although I have a lot of creams and lotions, it is important to have some that is easy to carry around. Most of the good and nourishing creams come in glass jars, which is often difficult to take when travelling. Now the Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Face Cream comes in a tube packaging, but I was not sure how it will fare, firstly because Vitamin E creams are quite greasy on my skin and secondly they are pretty expensive. However, this affordable cream has proven me wrong. It is neither greasy, nor aggravates oiliness. It is suitable for all skin types. It perfectly nourishes the skin, moisturizes it and gives a subtle and healthy glow.

Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Face Cream is infused with licorice and cucumber extracts and has sun protection formula. I use it before applying my sunscreen. And it is a very good moisturizer. It softens the skin and replenishes it.

1.Enriched with Vitamin E
2.Tube packaging
3.Suitable for all skin types
4.Not greasy on skin
6.Nourishes & replenishes skin

1.No SPF


Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Face Cream is a quite lightweight and nourishing product that softens the skin and makes it healthy. 

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