Saturday, October 8, 2016

Around the World in a Denim: My Denim Diaries

I am not an avid traveler, but when I do I want to get the best comfort, be it in terms of travel or staying. So, when I travel, I want to get into the most comfortable outfit possible, and that definitely would be my pair of jeans. There was a point of time, when continuously for 10 years I had been wearing jeans. You name it and I had denim wear in all colours, shapes and styles. My travel diary can actually be termed as a denim diary. Here are few of the times, when I had sported some of my favourite denim wears.

1. Leuven in denim: Leuven, a small town in Belgium is a great place to stay and guess what can be a daily attire for everyday chores like going to the groceries? Well, a pair of jeans.

2. Brussels in denim: Staying in Leuven often will take you to Brussels, which is 40 km from Leuven on weekends either for work or just to hang out. And the perfect choice of outfit, well, no guesses!!

3. England in denim: When you are in England, you cannot really understand the fluctuating weather, and you chose to wear, well a pair of jeans.

4. Scotland in denim: The steps to Edinburgh Fort is not easy to climb and the best outfit to chose is your favourite denim.

5. Bhutan in denim: Bhutan, a land surrounded by the picturesque peaks of the Himalayas, is equally challenging to travel, if you are a wanderer on foot, and you choose to wear, a pair of jeans.

So, here goes my Denim Diary.

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