Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Turning Twenty-Five with Malabar

Annanya and Rohan have been dating each other for ten years now. It all started in high school Rohan saw her for the first time. Annanya was a rude, heartless girl, with no belief in love or any kind of relationships. She was all about being perfect. Rohan, on the other hand was a rough and tough guy with a soft heart. His heart started beating ten-times faster when he saw Annanya for the first time. One week passed but Annanya didn’t notice that Rohan was there in the class until the class teacher shifted her behind Rohan’s desk. There she saw him for the first time and she felt something strange. She knew not what it was. They soon became good friends and Rohan was all Annanya could think about. Same was the case with Rohan . They were in love and not only both but the whole school were aware of each other’s feelings but none could confess. Annanya became tired and directly asked him whom do you like and Rohan said he likes her. They were in a relationship after that but without any romantic proposal. They went through a lot of ups and downs. A lot of people loved them as a couple and a lot hated. But, whatever the reason might be they are meant to together forever. Amidst every ups and downs, every problems and every misunderstandings they trust each other blindly and are happy together. Ten years passed and now everyone knows about their relationship and also that it was impossible to separate them.

Everything was going normally until there was a week left for Annanya’s 20th birthday. Suddenly, Rohan’s behavior towards Annanya had a drastic change and Annanya was upset. She knew something was wrong but couldn’t find what it was. Their calls were few and their texts reduced. Annanya spent hours thinking nothing happened. A day before her birthday she sat on the sofa watching tv. She was watching some comedy serial which usually reduces her stress. Suddenly, an advertisement aired which empowered Kareena Kapoor Khan during her pregnancy. The advertisement showed Kareena sitting on a sofa and trying to remind his husband indirectly about their wedding anniversary on the phone. The husband told her that he forgot something and it was below the pillow. Kareena removed the pillow and saw a beautiful necklace from Malabar gold and diamonds which was her #KareenasAnniversarySurprise. Annanya smiled to herself and thought what a great way to empower women during pregnancy like they did during Kareena’s pregnancy. Then she remembered that Rohan never proposed her officially and wish he did. It was 12 midnight and like every year she was waiting for Rohan’s birthday message. He was the first to wish her every year but no message popped in and she fell asleep crying. The next day she woke up to a lot of wishes from people around but none was from Rohan. She was very sad. No texts no calls. She was not in a mood to go out or something. Her best friend Anu came home in the evening and forced her to get ready, go out and celebrate with her. With nearly about thousands please and requests she got ready to go out with her. She had no idea where Anu was taking her and she was strictly advised by Anu to keep her mouth shut till they reached their destination. They reached a dark spot and Annanya had no idea what was going on. As she turned back to ask Anu what was happening, she disappeared and Anannya was left alone. She was hell scared and stood still. Suddenly, lights lit from nowhere and everyone started shouting “Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday dear Annanya, happy birthday to you”. She looked up on them and found Rohan standing in the front singing his heart out. There was both of their families and friends present. The hall was beautifully decorated. There was a three-tier cake on the table. Before Annanya could say anything Rohan came up to her went on his knees took out a box from his pocket opened it and said “Happy Birthday princess, will you marry me?’ in front of everyone. Annanya had tears in her eyes. She got the best gift ever. Her dream proposal. She said “of course I will” with tears in her eyes and hugged him. He put the diamond ring from Malabar gold and diamonds in her ring finger and they were engaged. Rohan was planning this since a week with others and this was the reason behind Rohan’s slightly changed behavior. Annanya’s happiness knew no bounds and they were having a gala time. Then the party went on and the two never parted.

Annanya thanks Rohan, Anu and Malabar Gold and jewelleries for making her life so beautiful. She also wishes for empowerment of women during pregnancy. It’s a strong concept which needs attention.

By Airene

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