Tuesday, November 22, 2016

6 Steps Body Oil Massaging Technique for your Baby

Hey pretties, I am sure all of you who are moms, must be worried about your baby's proper growth, just like me. Recently I have learnt few tips to massage my baby with the proper strokes to improve her blood circulation and also to strengthen the muscles.

Before starting the massage, make sure the room is warm and cozy. Place your baby on a soft mattress or towel. Here is how the process goes:

Step 1 : Take the oil in your hand and rub gently in between your palms to warm it up and then start from your baby's chest area. Massage the oil gently outwards over the ribs and bring the hands in the center with circular movement. Repeat the movement 3 times and finish it at the center of the chest.

Step 2: Taking the oil, make circular movements round the belly button in a clockwise direction. Then with the tip of your fingers make an hourglass shape gently from the side of the waist and extend down.

Step 3: Holding the baby's ankle with a hand  raise up the leg in a slanting position. Then with another hand start massaging from the thigh, by cupping your hand around the leg and extend down towards the knee, and gradually to the foot. Swap your hands in doing the process.

Step 4: Gently turn your baby on his tummy. Then stroke your hands gently from the shoulders to the bottom. Extend the movement towards the feet.

Step 5: Turn the baby on his back again and close the massage with long gentle strokes starting from the side of the head towards the feet, across the entire body. Make sure to touch his forehead, cheeks, shoulder, hands, legs in the process.

Step 6: When your reach the toes, hold his feet and slowly make circular movements on the toes with your thumb. Continue this for a few seconds.

This sums up your baby's 6 Step Body Oil massaging technique. Make sure you take a good baby oil for this. I use the Biotique Bio Almond Massage Oil for the same that has the goodness of sweet almonds.

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