Saturday, November 26, 2016

Avene Cleanance Expert Review

Generally I do not suffer from acne, but my busy schedule sometimes does not allow me to take care of my skin properly and then come the ugly pimples. So, few months back I had suffered this onset of pimples, although they disappeared with time, they left behind some dark spots, which I had to get rid of. I started using the Avene Cleanance Expert then.

About Avene Cleanance Expert:
More than just a moisturiser, Cleanance Expert acts on the main causes of spots; regulating the production of oil to mattify the skin, and gently exfoliating without stripping the skin, to unclog pores and leave the skin soft and smooth.

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Packaging: Avene Cleanance Expert comes in a white tube with a narrow nozzle opening.

My experience: Along with the Avene Cleanance Expert, I was using other products from Avene to complete my skin care ritual, that was targeted to get rid of my blemishes. I am very impressed with Avene Cleanance Expert. My skin is towards the drier side so I did not expect it to be very moisturizing for my skin. But to my surprise I found it was not drying out my skin, rather made it very soft & smooth.

Most importantly Avene Cleanance Expert Addresses the issues of blemishes. I could notice visible difference while my skin turned quite clear along with a soft glow. The skin looks quite flawless and completely spot-free with regular use. A very small amount is required for the entire face and I can say that it has completely kept up to its promise.

1. Suitable for oily sensitive skin
2. A very small amount is required
3. Has the goodness of Thermal spring water
4. Makes skin spotless
5. Gives a soft glow to skin
6. Improves skin with daily use
7. Makes skin soft and smooth
8. Makes skin matte

1. Not very moisturizing for very dry skin

Rating: 4.75/5

Avene Cleanance Expert is an award-winning product that can be your solution for a spot-free and acne free skin.

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