Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Sunscreen Review

Hey beautifuls, its been a while that I have been using a sunscreen. It is relatively new and I had used a lot of products from the brand. I will be talking about the Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Sunscreen .

About Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Sunscreen:
Rich in herbs, it is a SPF-30 solution to skin dryness, tanning & sun burns that ensures an evenly toned & radiant skin as it contains vitamin E with sandalwood oil, jojoba leaf extract and papaya extract.

Price: Rs. 395 Available here at discount

Packaging: Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Sunscreen comes in a very simple white plastic tube with a green flip open cap.

My experience: Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Sunscreen has their usual packaging and I like the simplicity of it as it is in a tube form and can be carried easily in your purse. The sunscreen strongly smells of papaya, which is a little turn off for me as I am not fond of the smell of the fruit. it has a lotion form and is quite lightweight. It blends in smoothly into the skin. There is no greasiness or white residue left. 

Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Sunscreen has a nice combination of nourishing and tone correcting ingredients. Vitamin E & jojoba leaf extract nourish the skin, while sandalwood and papaya address pigmentation and sunburn. So it has both protecting and healing properties. It keeps the skin sun-safe for a long time and I dont notice any sweating during that time.

1.Herbal ingredients
2.Useful packaging
4.Blends easily into skin
5.Suitable for all skin
6.SPF 30
7.It protects & heals

1.Strong smell of papaya

Rating: 4/5

Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Sunscreen is a good product that suits all skin types and that protects the skin from strong sun rays, while healing existing sunburns.

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