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Lime Crime Velvetine Suedeberry Review and Swatches

Hi lovelies!Winters are here and with the onset of the winters comes the ravishing wedding season. And lets be real, no matter how much makeup I buy, it just never looks enough to me. So on one such recent makeup haul, I came to terms with one of the most raved about lip product, the Lime Crime liquid lipsticks. And it was only after that I got to experience it first hand was that I realised why it is acclaimed so much the world wide over. If you want to know more about why I love it so much keep on reading.

The Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Lipsticks retail for 20$ a piece and though the availability in India is an issue, but there are a lot of instagram accounts which sell international makeup products and they stock it for sure.

The liquid lipstick comes in a conventional liquid lipstick packaging. Nothing too fancy except the fact that the tube is made of a frosted glass and the lid has really pretty roses smeared all over them making it look real elegant and mature. Apart from that, the wand is really nice. it is not too short nor too long, just the perfect length and the application straight out of the tube is a breeze.

Beauty gurus have some of their cult favourite shades from the Lime Crime Velvetines range, Suedeberry, Red Velvet and Pink Velvet being among the top three of them. And guess what, I managed to score a tube of the shade SUEDEBERRY for myself. So suedeberry is basically a neutral toned, flat out orange colour which has no undernotes of pink or red or any other colour in the spectrum. Not for the faintest of the hearts, this out and loud Orange can instantly brighten up your skin and make any outfit you wear go up a notch even if you apply no eye and base makeup. talk about the power of a lipstick now.

Quality, Pigmentation and Application:
There has to be some solid reason behind the untempered popularity of these lipsticks worldwide, isn't it? Let me tell you, it is the quality of these lipsticks which is so good that though 20$ a piece, even a miser like me wants to stock up on more shades from this range. The lipstick is like a creamy texture which goes on super smooth even if applied directly from the wand in the tube, and dries down to a complete powdery matte finish. The only lopside of the product is that it doesnt give you enough time to work as it dries down pretty quickly. For this very reason I prefer to apply it with a lip brush which just does not give me mroe control of the application but I feel that the lipstick when applied in short batches gives me more time to work with it. Also, the pigmentation of this is bomb; really opaque and gives a nice coverage in just two strokes.

My Experience:
Ok, so honestly, seeing the reviews on the internet, I was expecting suedeberry to be a pink toned coral-orange. But maybe this shade comes out different on different skin tones. On my fair-medium Indian skin tone, this gorgeous baby comes out as a bright orange but not the kind of oranges which are hard to pull. I personally have never been able to carry off a complete orange lip, I always felt conscious. But this lipstick right here is one of those which makes you feel comfortable and at the same time confident, also, your teeth don't look yellow when you wear this one. Bonus!

Staying Power:
The staying of this lipstick for me has not been that great. Though completely transfer proof once applied and till the time it is there it does not transfer. But what I have noticed is that it starts crumbling withing 3 hours of application and also collects at the corners of my mouth. Not the most comfortable to wear after the three hour mark, but before that it is a treat to be worn on the lips. I know this might sound paradoxical but that is how i feel about it.

Beauty and Beyond Rating : 4/5

By Ishleen

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