Thursday, December 22, 2016

Matra Beauty Naturals Lip Care Lip Balms Review and Discount

Hey beautifuls, I am back after a long time, as I had been on a vacation to God's Own Country- Kerala. I carried a few beauty essentials with me which I had been sent for review purpose, One of the products was the Matra Beauty Naturals Lip Care Lip Balms.

About Matra Beauty Naturals Lip Care Lip Balms:
Enriched with Moroccan Gold, The Matra Lip Balm is a revolutionary formula providing for a 360 degree lip care solution throughout the year! 100% Natural and Pure specially made with the Historic Wise Man’s Miracle – Frankincense, Myrrh and Moroccan Gold, Matra Lip Balms will provide the nourishment and moisture needed for a holistic lip care experience!

Price: Rs. 199

Packaging: Matra Beauty Naturals Lip Care Lip Balms come in black sleek packaging, with the font colour as the shade/flavour indicator.

My experience: Matra Beauty Naturals Lip Care Lip Balms currently is available in 3 variants

Kissable Kiwi: This light yellow coloured lip balm is as delicious as the fruit and hydrates the lip for a long time

Vanilla Ice: This blue lip balm has the sweet smell of vanilla and keeps the lips moisturized for a long time

Strawberry Salve: This red lip balm has a subtle smell of strawberry and keeps the lips soft and plump.

The packaging of the Matra Beauty Naturals Lip Care Lip Balms is really sleek. The lip balms are infused with natural properties and are made with cruelty free approach. The most notable thing about the lip balms is the inclusion of hydrating Moroccon Gold. It has also SPF properties. I did not find any waxy residue, which is a common issue with hand-made lip balms. The lips are healed and remains soft for long. None of the shades have any tint, I wish they come up with tinted varieties soon.

As per liking, I personally feel the Kiwi and the Vanilla Ice are better than the Strawberry Salve, simply because of the smell. I found the Strawberry Salve one smelling a bit artificial. Apart from this one factor I did not find any major flaws in Matra Beauty Naturals Lip Care Lip Balms.

1. 100% Natural
2. Handmade
3. Cruelty free
4. Nice packaging
5. Smells nice
6. Reasonably priced
7. Keeps the lips moisturized for long
8. Heals cracked lips

1. The strawberry variant smells a bit artificial

Rating: 4/5

Matra Beauty Naturals Lip Care Lip Balm is a handmade, cruelty free lip care product that not only heals dry lips but also makes sure it further remains protected and soft.

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