Thursday, December 8, 2016

Oriflame The One Loose Powder Review

Hello everyone,today is a very interesting review post on one of my favourite makeup products, the quintessential loose setting powder. Baking as a makeup technique has been raging all over the internet since quite some time now and since long we have been searching for a good Indian makeup product which suffices the needs.So this time we tried our hands at the Oriflame The One Loose Powder , and man, did i fall in love with this beauty.

So the powder comes in a compact transparent tub which has a separate powder compartment with a perforated lid and a purple screw top lid to wrap it all. Although the powder does not come with any applicator it is comparatively really easy to use for a loose powder, majorly because its super fine texture.

Price and quantity:
The powder retails for 749 bucks for 7 grams of product which will last one for about 4-6 months if used regularly. And honestly, given the quality of the product i dont mind splurging on this one gem of a product.

Product quality:
The powder as i said is of a very fine quality and is really finely milled to give a flawless makeup application. Some loose powders i feel are rather chalky to touch and do not go smoothly, but the Oriflame powder has changed the way i look at loose powders altogether.

My experience:
I have a combination skin type and this powder suits me really well. I have an oily t zone and dry patches around my mouth but the powder does not accentuate the dry patches around my mouth whatsoever. On the contrary my sister who has a really oily skin was satisfied with the powder as well and it does not let excess oil seep through her makeup.

Does it work for baking your makeup?

As for baking, this powder works really well, and effectively prevents my under eye concealer from creasing while giving an overall highlighted glow without looking too dry, patchy or clingy. Super easy to apply with a damp sponge, stays put and can be dusted off ever so easily without leaving the chalky, streaky look behind.

So this was my experience with the Oriflame The One Loose Powder. Have you tried it?

Beauty and Beyond Rating 4.8/5

By Ishleen

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