Thursday, December 29, 2016

theBalm Nude Dude Palette Dupe:The ADS Balm Volume 2 Nude Palette Review, Swatches and Availablility

Hey cuties, so on my recent search I again found out a dupe and this time it is the dupe of the very famous theBalm Nude Dude Palette. The palette I am talking about is The ADS Balm Volume 2 Nude Palette.

About The ADS Balm Volume 2 Nude Palette:
This palette has 12 neutral/nude shades and comes with an inbuilt mirror and an applicator brush.

Price: Rs. 449 Available here
The Similarities with theBalm Nude Dude Palette:
1.The outer packaging is exactly same
2.There is a mirror and brush in both palettes
3.Only shades Fearless, Flawless, Fierce, Fabulous, Faithful, Feisty are similar in name & shade
4.Both have 7 matte shades

Dissimilarities with theBalm Nude Dude Palette:
1. The brand names are different
2. The mens' pictures are fully clothed
3. The brush does not have the brand name
4. Some shade names are interchanged:

Original                                                            Dupe
Firm                                                                 Flirty
Flirty                                                                Fit
Funny                                                              Firm

5.There are no exact shades as Friendly, Fit and Fine.
6.Price difference of almost Rs.2000
7.The shade indicators at the back of the outer package are that of theBalm Nude Tude Palette

My experience with The ADS Balm Volume 2 Nude Palette:
I have not used the original theBalm Nude Dude Palette so I am going to  share my thoughts on the The ADS Balm Volume 2 Nude Palette as an individual palette altogether. The shade variety is okay, some shades are almost similar. I love the vintage packaging. The brush is not that great in quality but at least they have not provided a plain sponge applicator. Some of the shades are pigmented and gives incredible intensity in just one stroke. But all the matte shades are very chalky and difficult to work with. The shades have high fall off issue. The shades that I love to work with are Faithful, Fit & Firm. So I would recommend using an eye primer. The shade spread can work great on every skin tone and age. Overall. this palette is not a great dupe unlike The ADS Balm Nude Tude Palette which was a great dupe of theBalm Nude Tude Palette.


The ADS Balm Volume 2 Nude Palette is an ordinary palette, just what you can expect for such a low price. Although the packaging is similar to that of theBalm Nude Dude Palette, the quality lacks far behind, and actually 4-5 out of the 12 shades are nice.

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