Sunday, December 4, 2016


Hello pretty ladies, what’s up? So, recently a Korean brand Touch In Sol sent us a ton of products to try. I love Korean makeup and I am super excited to try them all. I’ll share my experience with you in future. Today, I’m going to review their No Pore Blem primer. Hence, let’s just jump into the review.

Price: 11.54$ for 30 ml Available here

So, the product comes in a black box with the name written in red and some inscriptions that remind me of formulae from organic chemistry. On opening the box you get to see a very cute glass bottle with a light pink cream inside. It has a pump and hence is hygienic. One of the many features that attract me towards Korean products is their cute and adorable packaging.

Product: The primer is pinkish white in color similar to that of a baby lotion. It has a very mild fragrance and I quite like it. First, when you take the product the texture is a watery cream but when you blend it becomes a sort of gel and gets quickly absorbed.

My Experience: Well, so I have many visible pores on my face. No matter how much I tried they still were visible when I wore makeup and made my skin look flaky. I wanted that Holy Grail product which will minimize the appearance of pores on my face. The Touch In Sol No Pore Blem Primer is that product which changed my life forever. It literally minimizes the appearance of pores and provides a super smooth canvas to work on with your makeup. It also provides a subtle glow to the skin. I’m using this pretty much every day now and also a very less product is needed. The pump of the bottle makes it super easy to discharge the right amount of product. It is a glass bottle but it’s not easily breakable. It’s sort of a hard glass. It also hydrates the skin and the makeup will last forever.


1. Affordable.

2. Adorable Packaging.

3. Nice mild fragrance.

4. Reduces the appearance of pores.

5. Makeup goes on super smooth.

6. Lasts forever.

7. Hydrates the skin.

8. Skin looks fresh.

9. Provides subtle glow.

10. Comes with a pump.

11. Blends and absorbs quite easily.


1. This brand is not yet available at India but you can get it in online stores like Amazon.

2. May not be travel friendly because glass packaging.

Rating: 5/5

Overall, I love this product and if any of your friend or relative is coming from The States or you are flying there I request you to get your hands on this please. It’s a game changer or order online.

By Airene

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