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Aromazeia Mitti Attar-The Scent of Rain Review, Price

Hey beautifuls, how is the weekend? Mine has been very busy with Sankranti around. Anyway, I have been testing some new things throughout last week, one of those being Aromazeia Mitti Attar-The Scent of Rain. Sounds interesting right?Well, let's go ahead to explore more about the unique offering from Aromazeia.

About Aromazeia Mitti Attar-The Scent of Rain:
As the first drops of rain strike the ground, the earth awakens and breathes forth a wonderful aroma. That's the fragrance of Mitti Attar!
Price: Rs. 950 for 10ml Available here

Packaging: Aromazeia Mitti Attar comes in a black velvet box and inside the glass bottle is placed on a bed of blue silk. The cap is silver with silver tassel and there are 2 attar applicators provided inside a plastic pouch.

My experience: Seldom have I found out any brand coming up with fragrances, absolutely inspired by nature and its elements. I have once spoken about a Snow inspired fragrance and now I found Aromazeia Mitti Attar which has been inspired by the beautiful and rustic wet smell of the soil when the first drops of rain hit its surface. What a beautiful thought!! The exclusiveness of the concept is captured just perfect in the exotic bottle. You smell a divine rawness of the rain drops, and the best thing is it is absolutely raw, unmixed with any other notes. However, if you are not quite an explorer when it comes to fragrances, this might not fascinate you. But as for me, I simply love everything about it. The exotic packaging, the simplicity and the rawness of rain-I found everything quite different from the usual concepts of fragrances.

The difference between attar and other forms of fragrances is the concentration of the actual fragrance, attars being highly concentrated on the scent. And as I mentioned Mitti Attar is only and only gives you the smell of rain and moist soil. This is what has attracted me to the smell so much. Apart from the purity of the smell, the other benefits of Mitti Attar are multifaceted. It is paraben free, without the inclusion of any artificial fragrances. It is a great healer of depression and in general it gives your mood an instant lift-up. I think I have found a sure shot winner in Aromazeia Mitti Attar.

1.100% natural
2.Stress buster
3.Paraben free
4.Pure smell of first drops of rain
5.Great for aromatherapy
6.Mood lifter
7.Relaxes and soothes the senses

1.Not for those who do not love to explore various fragrances


Aromazeia Mitti Attar is the pure scent of rain, bottled for you. It reminds me of "geeli mitti ki khushboo" that we crave for, sitting in the concrete jungles. A strong recommendation from me for all those who loves rain and its elements.

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