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Mama Earth Baby Care Review, Availability and Price

The most challenging task for every mother is to safeguard her baby, and it is a duty we, moms have to fulfill every second. The sole responsibility of a mother is her baby's safety and well-being. So, what the baby eats, wears or uses has to be verified and tested before. The baby's personal care products has to be given equal importance while selecting. The skin is the baby's largest organ and we cannot ignore it. 90% of babies have sensitive skin that cannot bear similar ingredients like adults, so harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances are a strict no no. For mamas like us, who are constantly worried about the well being of the baby, here comes Mama Earth. Today I will be talking about this very newly launched baby care range.

About Mama Earth:
In an intoxicated world, where every single thing comes with a little bit of toxins, Mama Earth stands apart. The brain child of Ghazal and Varun, Mama Earth aims to give a mom and her baby a world free of toxins. Mama Earth's extensive research is attempted in solving every issue that a mother and baby face.

Baby Care Products from Mama Earth:
Mama Earth is the only MadeSafe certified brand in Asia, making sure that all their products go through every required test by meeting the safety standards. Their main aim as a Baby care brand is :
  • Safety
  • Honesty
  • Mum-powerment
  • Best of Earth
Currently Mama Earth has launched their range of Baby Care with 7 essential products that a baby requires.
Out of which I have a kit filled with 4 products for my 15 month old.

Packaging: The Mama Earth products are beautifully packaged in white and green, which glorifies the brand's motto of being close to nature with toxin free ingredients. 

What I have in the Mama Earth Kit:
1. Mama Earth Gentle Cleansing Shampoo for Babies: I had been using a wonderfully scented shampoo till now, but whenever I used to rinse the shampoo my daughter used to cry out. I realized that it was burning her eyes. Now as a mother you would not want your baby to go through such painful shampooing session. Would you? Mama Earth Gentle Cleansing Shampoo has given back my confidence to shampoo my baby's hair without any hesitation as it does not irritate her eyes. So my angel just loves to shampoo her hair nowadays. It forms a rich foam and cleanses her scalp. Her hair is left silky throughout the day with the goodness of coocnut and lavender in the shampoo

Priced at Rs.299 this shampoo is the best I have used on my baby so far.

2. Mama Earth Deeply Nourishing Baby Wash for Babies: I had used few soaps on my baby and could feel they are stripping off the natural oils from her skin as it always used to feel dry and flaky. Another thing that I noticed was she used to scratch her arms and legs quite often. But after I have started using this Baby wash, her skin has become softer and I cannot see her scratching for a single moment, neither do I see any dry patches like before. The orange essential oils and aloe vera present in the wash is surely keeping my baby's skin safe and supple.

Priced at Rs. 299 this baby wash is going to be my staple for my baby from now.

3. Mama Earth Diaper Rash Cream for Babies: I am guilty of making my baby wear diaper most of the time and therefore diaper rash is very common issue that she faces. Along with that I have often noticed redness and soreness around the buttocks which is quite concerning. When I started using this diaper rash cream, after 2-3 days these redness and soreness completely stopped. The cream is quite unique as I can feel the creamy formula turns to a powdery product when applied. Formulated with calendula extract, shea butter and olive oil this diaper rash cream has a very nice smell and it gives my baby relief from rashes and irritation.

Priced at Rs.299  this diaper rash cream is for those busy mommies who believe in extensive usage of diaper.

4. Mama Earth Mineral Based Sunscreen for Babies: I had been to a recent trip to Kerala. I had been using adequate sunscreen all that while and was wondering if applying the same sunscreen will be safe for my baby as she was also getting exposed to sun just like me. I wish I had this sunscreen that time to protect my baby's tender skin. We might not know but your baby's skin is also at equal risk of getting sun burns as yours, but the solution cannot be the same as an adult. Their sensitive skin requires much tender care as it is very sensitive. This sunscreen, activated with minerals, shea butter, calendula and wheatgerm is all that your baby requires to be safe from sun. It is soft and non-greasy. 

Priced at Rs.299 this sunscreen should be a must-have for every mother who want to protect their babies skin safe from harsh sun rays.

So these are the products I have in my Mama Earth kit. I am very impressed and satisfied with the way the products are treating my baby's sensitive and dry skin. I respect their aim to create toxin-free baby care essentials. I am sure many of you, who are new moms and would be moms, would want the same. 
Why dont you try Mama Earth products for your baby from Amazon & Firstcry?

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