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Organistick Organic Nude Lipsticks Review, Swatches, Price:Cheapest Nude Lipsticks in India?

Hey beautifuls, I have been doing my usual research through e-commerce sites in search of good makeup, and guess what I found!! Probably the cheapest nude lipsticks in India, that is made in India too. I am talking about Organistick lipsticks. They have a huge collection of affordable lipsticks, and a majority of which are awesomely attractive nudes. So, knowing that nude lipsticks are so in nowadays, I thought of getting some for myself and sharing the same with you guys.

About Organistick Lipsticks:
Think organic and thick Organistick. If you are into cruelty-free products(we all are right?) then Organistick is for you. An all natural product, comprising of shea butter, jojoba oil, beeswax, castor oil & carnuba wax, their lipsticks are filled in with natural goodness.

Price: Rs. 149 Currently available on 10% 
Rs. 596 for set of 4 Currently available on 10% discount
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My experience: Although there are plenty of dashing colours available in Organistick, I opted for the nudes. Organistick lipsticks are available as single or as a set of 4. I got a set of 4 Nude lipsticks. Lets check out the shades.:

1. Light  Brown: This is a pretty toffee brown shade that can flatter any complexion. I love this shade as on my lips it appeared as a nude with peachy brown undertones. This shade is my 2nd favourite.

2. Confused Brown: This is the lightest shade of the lot. A nude colour with pink peachy undertones, this will look good on lighter lips and flatter those with pale and lighter complexion. Not looked bad on me.

3. Naked: This is the best shade of the lot. A true nude for me, it looks so natural on the lips. I can't wait to pair it with smoldering smokey eyes.

4. Chocolate: A chocolaty brown shade that looks darkish on lighter lips and nudish on darker and pigmented lips. For me it turns out as a medium brown with purple undertones, almost bordering nude. It may look stark on very pale complexion.

These are the ones I got as a bundle.Apart from these the other shades of nudes available from Organistick are:

5. Nude

6. Salmon Buff

7. Earthy

8. Coffee Brown

9. Nectarine
10. Sugar

How cool is that, an affordable lipstick with 10 available nude shades?

Organistick lipsticks are creamy and moisturizing. You can actually feel the goodness of the oils and other natural ingredients as it conditions the lips for long hours. I was very happy to find that in spite of being creamy, these stay for a pretty long time and the lips actually never dry up. I am so impressed by the lipsticks, that I am planning to buy more shades, may be the other vibrant options available.

Have you tried Organistick lipsticks? I am stunned with their wide range of nudes & browns. I highly recommend you get at least one of these since these are on discount now.

*some of the images are from Google

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