Thursday, January 12, 2017


Hi guys, what’s up? Today I’ll be talking about the TIGI BED HEAD  CONTROL FREAK FRIZZ CONTROL & STRAIGHTENER SERUM. It is more of a first impression than a review because I I received it 5-6 days ago and wanted to share my thoughts before the festivities. So, I’m just noting down whatever I felt in like three uses.

Price: Available at 62% discount only at Notino

Packaging: The product comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a twist open nozzle and other details written in black.

Product: The product is a sea green shiny thick fluid with glitter particles in it. It smells very fresh and refreshing.

My Experience: It just arrived beforethe festivals and guess who’s excited? Obviously, me! It will just get my hair festive-ready within minutes and I’m good to go out anytime. I love my long hair but when it comes to managing it I always need my mom. I have used the TIGI BED HEAD  CONTROL FREAK FRIZZ CONTROL & STRAIGHTENER SERUM thrice and it kept my hair sleek and shiny throughout the day. It tames my hair and my baby hair beautifully by locking them in place. It also controls the frizz and combing becomes easier. A coin-sized amount of it and you are good to go. You can use this on dry and wet hair both. You can use this before styling your hair and using any kind of heated tools.  Generally TIGI products have quirky packaging and this one is no different.I quite like the nozzle thing on top as it doesn’t dispenses a lot of product and keeps the serum hygienic. It’s easy to carry around since it’s a plastic bottle and even after the serum gets over you can reuse the bottle. It will help control hair of lazy people with long hair like me easily but yeah I still need my mom ( :p ) . This is what I pretty much understood in three uses.

I quite like this product still now and would suggest you guys to try it out as well. I’m not stating any pros and cons as of now but I’ll be soon posting it on Snapchat. So, that’s all for now. Take care.

By Airene

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