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Touch In Sol Lust Lacquer Water Drop Tint In Medusa Review and Swatches

Living in a metropolis like New Delhi with unpredictable temperatures can render ineffectual the time you devote applying make-up. Discovering light yet hard-wearing formulas is one of my personal pursuits. And I strongly believe it is my civic (read blogger) duty to share my newest find for the help of my fellow beauty-obsessed ladies.

About Touch In SOL
I have since long been observing that beauty bloggers and vloggers around the world are crazed about this Korean beauty brand, and for all the right reasons: It is splendid! Instead of engaging in cute packaging (which would have been a great win tbh though), Touch in Sol puts its hard work in creating amazing formulas that deliver top-notch results with colours and textures that match the latest trends.

Price: $22 

My Experience With Touch In Sol Lust Lacquer Water Drop Tint
One of my biggest eye-opener beauty moments was when I discovered The Balm Stainiac Lip Tint in one of my Fab bags. These Lust Lacquers have had a very comparable effect on me.

I love them moisture on my lip so much that any hydrating formula that stays put all day is for eternity most welcome in my beauty stash. Lip and cheek tints are not typically my go-to alternative because I always need to use a moisturizing formula on top. Lust Lacquers are a completely altered type altogether. Delivering extremely vivid shades with just one swipe of their magic wand, these beauties are there to stick by your side, even while fighting the humidity galore. Also, it is very easy to take your day look to an evening date by applying a second coat on your tinted lips. Purr-fect!


#ProTip: If you don't want to carry a complete makeup bag with you, Lust Lacquers can very well double up as a gorgeous blush. Don't overlook the fact that a little bit goes a long way!

The range has a total of 9 vibrant shades ranging from reds to pinks, maroons and oranges. I have tried the shade Medusa from the range which is a very deep, yet bright red—almost a perfect deep fall shade for the younger women. It has perfectly neutral undertones making it apt for any skin tone.


The lip tint retails for about 23 dollars apiece, and though Touch In Sol is a budget brand I find the price tag a little high for one lip tint.

Any Cons For The Product?
Undoubtedly, yes. No product is perfect now, is it? But this water tint has just two cons which bother me. First is the application. The wand is such that it takes out a lot of product in one go and because it is so watery, the application is a bit patchy if applied directly with the inherent wand. I prefer using a lip brush for a more precise and even application. And secondly, It smells pungently weird. Like its so strong and so weird, I have no words o explain it other than that I don’t like the smell.

Beauty and Beyond Rating

By Ishleen

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