Thursday, January 26, 2017

Will Take it Ezee for My Baby with Godrej Ezee

Being a mom is perhaps a task where you have to be on duty 24/7. We moms have to look for so many details when it comes to our baby’s safety and wellbeing. We have to ensure that everything is clean and germ-free. We should take particular care of our babys’ clothes, so that those are very neat and soft. Often powder detergents can cause permanent damage to soft fabrics. Winter clothing or woolens need special care while restoring and washing. Normal detergent can make the fabric coarse and specially can be harmful for baby’s tender skin.

Few months back, I started noticing red eruptions on my 15 month Old’s skin, especially arms and back. First I thought it might be some minor rash, but later when the redness started to swell and she started scratching badly, I realized it was more than just simple rash. I rushed to the pediatrician from whom I learnt that her skin is super-sensitive and it might be because of some extreme friction from fabric that she is getting those eruptions. That was the time I decided to completely stop the entry of powder detergent to my house. And I am proud today, that I had taken that decision so fast.
Since my baby had started wearing woolen garments by that time, I decided to take up Godrej Ezee - the pH-neutral liquid detergent with 'Zero Soda' formula to wash her winter wears. And since that day, I never saw any redness or dryness on her skin. I understood, how damaging the soda, present in the powder detergent had been to her skin all those while and rebuked myself for being so irresponsible. But as we say, better late than never, today I am happy that I have taken up the Ezee way to keep my little angel’s woolen wear soft and as good as new. It has in-built fabric conditioner system to keep fabric soft

Ezee has not only been soft on the fabric, but I could see the colour of the woolens have been kept intact, without fading a single bit. Often we think twice before shifting to a completely new thing and replacing something that we have been using for years. But believe me; this change had been really good for my baby’s woolens, for her and as a mother, for me.

Ezee comes in different sizes and price options, so for the budget conscious moms, it is perhaps the ezeeiest choice to use for their babies warm clothing. I have taken the Ezee way for my baby’s winter wear. What about you? #EzeeCares

This winter Ragdo mat, take it Ezee.

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