Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Top 10 Makeup Products under Rs.200 You Need to try Now!!

One month into 2017 and it still feels like it started off just yesterday. Isn’t it? Time flies away so fast, it is constantly changing. But with the constant change in time, the market is changing as well and as a beauty blogger, both me and Jhilmil mam have always tried to stay upbeat with the latest and the most worth it products in the market. And keeping in mind all sorts of budgets, we have decided to compile a list of 2017’s top drugstore makeup products which retail for well under 200 Rs.

So without further ado, lets get straight into the list compilation in no specific order.

1. Lakme Insta Liner

Price: 110 Rs

Eyeliners are the first ever makeup products that any Indian girl starts off her journey with. And if you are someone who is starting off with your love hate relationship with liquid eyeliners, then Lakme Insta Liner is the easiest and the most budget friendly choice for you.

2. Elle 18 eye sparklers

Price: 85 Rs

Coloured eyeliners are always a hit with young college girls and women of age alike. And with some gorgeous shades in the collection, Elle 18 eye sparklers are the most bang on pencils in terms of both eyeliners and eyeshadow base.

3. Streetwear Colour Rich Kajal

Price: 99 Rs

Coming from the house of Revlon you know streetwear makes some damn good products. I wanted to include their color rich lipsticks as well but they are a little above 200 so had to give it a pass. But this black kajal is the perfect accompaniment for your deep sultry black smokey eye.

4. Lotus Herbals Colour Dew Nail Paints

Price: 125 Rs

I generally do not like investing a whole lot of my money on nail pains and it is here that brands like lotus with their color dew nail polish range make me super happy. The collection has a large number of shades and all of them stay for a good 3 days without chipping.

5. Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation

Price: 140 Rs

Honestly, this was the first foundation I ever used and I swear by it till date. It is easy on the skin and gives an even complexion without building up on the coverage much. Plus it smells so tropical, just like coconuts.

6. Lakme Radiant Complexion Compact

Price: 110 Rs

Again, one of the first few makeup products I started off with and honestly, I still buy it and prefer it to smoothen out my foundation over other lakme compacts. It is just one of those iconic Lakme products which everyone knows about.

7. Blue Heaven X Factor All In One Beauty Basic Foundation
Price: 125 Rs

One of the lesser known foundations in the market, this one actually holds true to its claim. It does not give a flat matte finish rather a satin look to the skin with a matte finish which might not be too ideal a choice for oily skin types but for people with normal and combination skins, this is a match made in heaven.

8. Revlon Colorstay Shadowlinks Eyeshadow

Price: 195 Rs

I wasn’t an eyeshadow fan till I got my first eye shadow palette which Ms Jhilmil sent across to me. And since then there has been no looking back. And to add on my collection Revlon Shadowlinks are the cheapest and the best bet to have. They are super buttery, creamy and highly pigmented.

9. Incolor Matte Me Liquid Lipsticks

Price : 180 Rs

We have reviewed quite a lot of shades from the Incolor Matte Me Range and this shows how much we love it. Those are super pocket friendly, bang on pigmented, stay for super long, do not stain and are kiss and smudge proof.

10. Miss Claire Lip Creams

PRICE : 150 Rs

Much before NYX came to India, Miss Claire lip creams were the favourite of so many. Not just for their impeccable mousse like texture and super accessible prices, but for the way they feel on the lips, for the time that they stay put and the colour selection in the range. They have also launched their butter gloss range which is equally good if not better.

So these were my top 10 picks from the drugstore which retail for under 200 bucks. Which ones are your favourite?

By Ishleen

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