Friday, February 10, 2017

Max Factor Shimmer Panstick Review, Swatch & Application

Hello beautifuls, has it ever happened with anyone of you, that you are going through your stash to get rid of old, unused stuffs, and you suddenly discover a real gem from the pile that you never knew existed? Well, it happened with me recently, when I was going for a declutter of my vanity, that I found out the Max Factor Shimmer Panstick.

About Max Factor Shimmer Panstick:
This panstick, just like the popular Foundation panstick, can be rolled out and applied directly on the desired areas for an illuminated effect.

Price: $11 at

Packaging: It comes in a somewhat robust packaging of black roll on.

My experience: Max Factor Shimmer Panstick came in the market long time back, much before highlighters became popular. I frankly do not remember when I had bought this, but currently these are discontinued in India. I was not even aware of its existence in my clutter. Perhaps when I got this, I was not even sure how to use it. But when I rediscovered it few week back, I sort of found a hidden treasure. So, this stick is incredible as a highlighter. It gives a pearly glow when applied on the face. And that is amazing. First I thought it would look too shimmery and may be feel sticky, but surprisingly it looks moonlit and the creaminess transforms to a powdery consistency.

Max Factor Shimmer Panstick makes your makeup perfect and radiant. I like to put it on my shoulders too for a pearly glow. Frankly never expected it to work so well on my skin. It looks so lovely and glowing. I am thankful that I had purchased this product without even knowing how it works.

Rating: 4.5/5

Max Factor Shimmer Panstick is an excellent purchase if you are someone who loves highlighting face. However, since availability is an issue in India, it may not be tried by many.

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