Sunday, February 19, 2017

Oriflame Tenderly Promise EDT Review

Hey beautifuls, how are you all doing this weekend? I am trying to find some summer fragrances lately, and I have been trying the Oriflame Tenderly Promise EDT. Today I will talk about that.

About Oriflame Tenderly Promise EDT:
This elegant fragrance bursts open with a joyful sparkle, while Royal White Lily slowly unfurls at the heart, radiating her glorious creamy scent, before settling into a soft, reassuring caress.

Price: $20.29 only at

Packaging: The Oriflame Tenderly Promise EDT comes in a pretty light blue and pink packaging. The bottle is transparent and inside you can see the blue liquid.

My experience: I like all things floral and fruity, especially if it is summer. Oriflame Tenderly Promise EDT has a very light fragrance. It is so mild that your olfactory senses can hardly capture the top citrus notes, other than a tender caress of pink pepper. What is in abundance is the floral aura of white lily at the heart. Again, the base notes of musk is very light to be captured, rather the iris makes its presence felt after some time with a powdery hint.

Tenderly Promise EDT stays for few hours, and it is a summery fragrance as light as a body talc that stays there with you, but with a very subtle hint, which is very different from any other Oriflame fragrance. This fragrance is definitely not for those who are looking for very powerful strong fragrance that lasts throughout the day, but for those who has a liking for fresh and mild scents that would stick to their skin like a soft veil.

1. Floral summer fragrance
2. Very mild
3. Powdery finish
4. Romantic

1. Not for those who likes powerful fragrances
2. It does not stay for a very long time.

Rating: 4/5

Oriflame Tenderly Promise EDT is a true mild summer fragrance that has a powdery hint of iris and white lily and can uplift your romantic mood of the season to some extent.

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