Saturday, February 25, 2017

Soft Romantic Look with Ponds White Beauty BB+Cream

Hey beautifuls, hope you all are doing great in this last weekend of the month of love! Keeping the romantic vibes in mind I have created a soft romantic look. I hope you will agree with me that a flawless base is the essence of any good makeup look. And for a perfect poreless base I have used the Ponds White Beauty BB+Cream.

I have dry skin, so I started off with a moisturized skin. If you have oily/combination skin, I would suggest you skip the moisturizing part and directly apply the Ponds White Beauty BB+Cream as it has Vitamin B & E to nourish skin from within.

Then I applied the Ponds White Beauty BB+Cream on my entire face in dots and with the help of a beauty blender blended it for a smooth finish. I did not apply any concealer, instead again applied a small amount of  Ponds White Beauty BB+Cream in dots on the areas that needed somr coverage like under the eyes and at the lower end of the cheeks, bridge of the nose and center of the forehead. Again I blended it with the Beauty Blender. This time the skin looked more radiant, bright and naturally glowing.

The next step was to bring some definition to my round face. So I took a bronzer and applied under the cheek bone from the outer corner towards the center in a line. I repeated the same method on the side of my forehead sides of my nose, and jawline. I took a fluffy blush to soften the stark lines. I took a highlighter and applied on the bridge of the nose, above the apples of my cheeks stretching from the center towards the outer corner, center of forehead, cupid's bow and chin. Again with the same fluffy brush I softened everything so that only a healthy natural glow is visible. I finished the face makeup with a bit of rosy blush on my cheeks.

I filled in my eyebrows, and tried to retain my natural round shape. Remember the look is soft and romantic, so the finish should not be sharp and edgy. I applied an earthy shadow on the entire lid. Then taking a plum matte shadow I applied on the outer corners of the eyes towards the crease. I blended the colour to soften it. Then taking a matte pink shade I applied on the inner corners of the eyes. I applied an Ochre shade on the center of the lid. I softly blended the outer edges, without touching the ochre shade at the center. I used a thin liquid liner to line my top lash line and a kajal to line the lower lash line. Then I used the same plum eyeshadow and lined under the lashes and smudged to give the finish. I applied a volumising mascara.

I kept the lips a simple pinkish nude, keeping the romantic theme in mind.

The makeup came out perfect and flawless with perfectly blended shades that glided smoothly over the radiant and poreless base. All thanks to the Ponds White Beauty BB+Cream. This look can be worked without any fear even during day time as Ponds White Beauty BB+Cream comes with SPF30 to protect you from the harsh rays of the sun. The makeup stays for a really long time and looks bright throughout.

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